Aileen Schultz

Aileen Schultz

Senior Manager / Labs Programs – Global / Thomson Reuters Labs

Aileen is a Toronto based award winning business strategist with a global footprint, and a passion for creating better systems for exponential change. She has a background in research, marketing, and internet strategy, having worked with SME’s and enterprise business units across several sectors; including, ecommerce, social networks, non-profit, gaming, health and wellness, high tech, and a specialized focus in working with companies and organizations across the legal sector.

She is keenly focused on developing an approach to digital-meets-offline strategies that incorporates principles of network science, particularly with regard to the functioning of human systems and affecting change. This approach encourages resource light methods for targeted goal fulfillment. It starts with simple patterns that are templated and executed at mass, with multi stakeholder and cross functional engagement. The Global Legal Hackathon (#GLH2018) serves as a primary use case for the application of this approach, having grown to 40 cities across 22 countries in under three months, and engaging 100’s of top tiered organizations.

On a more granular level she has skills in: social media, content (video, written, audio), community and engagement, web presence and SEO, UX/UI project management, data and analytics, CMS management, partnership and stakeholder management, business planning, events, and more. She has built and managed growth and digital teams, having held several senior management positions. She has built substantial market presence for companies, including the development of a market lead for custom development in the Canadian legal industry which lead to the acquisition of the company. She gives talks internationally on topics of growth, innovation, and legal transformation, and is always open to having a discussion about system change and progressing organizations.

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