Audrey Rubin

Audrey Rubin

Senior Advisor / BarkerGilmore

Audrey Rubin is a Senior Advisor at BarkerGilmore, and is a recognized leader in operational, financial, and cultural excellence in the workplace. Rubin advises GCs and corporate law departments on profitability, ESG, and maximizing value and resources through process improvement and practical technology. Her firm, Rubin Solutions, also consults to law firms about financial, talent and operational best practices.

A successful Chief Operating Officer of law departments and firms, General Counsel, Professor of Law, Vice President of Human Resources, Board Member, and law firm Partner, Rubin understands all facets of today’s business world.

For a number of years,  Rubin was Vice President and COO of the Global Law and Compliance Department of Aon Corporation. In that role, she was responsible for all budget, talent, strategic planning, technology, process improvement, and other business matters. She is also Adjunct Professor of Law at University of Illinois College of Law, teaching The Changing Business of Law.

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