Elaine M. Egan, PhD

Elaine M. Egan, PhD

Information Professional

Elaine M. Egan, PhD is an information professional with 30 years of experience leading library and information teams in the global law firm sector.  Elaine is known for maximizing content value, knowledge sharing solutions, building relationships and user advocacy.

Elaine holds a PhD from Dominican University where she is an Adjunct Professor who teaches the value of knowledge management and organizational sharing. Elaine received both her Master’s in library science, and undergraduate degrees from St. John’s University. Elaine is an active AALL member and will lead the State of the Industry Survey Committee as Co-Chair in 2022.

Elaine’s authorship is framed around knowledge management, leadership, and team engagement. Additionally, she has spoken on subjects related to project planning, building strategic partnerships, enterprise search, and knowledge sharing motivation.

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