May 04, 2024 |

Industry Insights: Tax And Legal Professionals Warm Up To AI, But Trust Is Still An Issue

“[T]here is still a shadow of doubt that hangs over the professional services sector when it comes to real-world business applications for the technology,” Laura Clayton McDonnell, president of the Corporates business segment at Thomson Reuters, shared in a Forbes column on what professionals really think about generative AI.

She noted that studies have shown that organizations are implementing AI for limited functions yet struggling with company-wide integration.

Clayton McDonnell explained, “While that hesitation is the part of any innovation cycle – particularly in cases where the technology receives as much hype as GenAI – it does not fully capture what’s going on inside the minds of the professionals who will be the biggest users of this technology. In fact, when we peel back the layers of what professionals are really thinking about GenAI, we find a much more nuanced set of variables that includes a great deal of enthusiasm, tempered by some very real trust issues that still need to be resolved.”

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