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Thomson Reuters Institute launches Technology and Innovation Resource Center

· 5 minute read

· 5 minute read

Thomson Reuters Institute's new Technology and Innovation Resource Center will help organizations stay ahead of their competition as markets continue to innovate

We are very excited to announce that the Thomson Reuters Institute has today launched the Technology and Innovation Resource Center to better feature its wide-ranging content and coverage of this exciting and fast-changing area.

The new Technology and Innovation Resource Center, one of six on the Thomson Reuters Institute page, launches today with an insightful look at six strategies that organizations can employ to ensure their implementations of new technology goes smoothly. Another recent article describes the simple starting points law firms can take when creating a highly beneficial metrics program for their IT departments.

The Thomson Reuters Institute is the dedicated thought leadership arm of Thomson Reuters and features blog commentaries, industry-leading data sets, informed analyses, interviews with industry leaders, videos, podcasts, and world-class events that deliver keen insight into the dynamic business landscape around the legal, tax, and corporate markets.

In order to stay ahead, we recognized that today’s professional services firms need to innovate. Whether it’s law firms adopting the latest in legal technologies, tax and accounting firms automating their processes to find more efficiencies for clients, or corporations finding new paths for growth with data insights, the most successful organizations also tend to be the ones that think most critically about their technology and innovation journey. That’s where the Thomson Reuters Institute’s Technology and Innovation Resource Center can offer organizations an advantage.

Innovation isn’t a futuristic term — innovation is now.

“Today, the working world is moving quicker than ever. If you’re not already thinking about how to innovate your own practice, then you may already be behind,” says Zach Warren, manager for enterprise tech & innovation content at the Thomson Reuters Institute. “But that’s where we come in to help.”

The Technology and Innovation Resource Center will provide insights to business leaders and innovative thinkers across the whole of professional services, capturing the future of law, tax, risk & fraud, ESG, government and more. Readers will receive analysis and reports from the Institute’s panel of internal and external thought leaders, all aimed at making organizations more forward-thinking. The center’s content is arranged in three wide buckets — AI & future technologies; Digital transformation & operations; and Data governance. These areas tackle a wide variety of ways organizations can affect change. The Technology and Innovation Resource Center will work hand-in-hand with the Thomson Reuters Institute’s other resource centers in Legal, Tax & Accounting, ESG, and more to provide a full view of today’s best practices.

“The Thomson Reuters Institute is excited to bring tech and innovation analysis across a host of disciplines to our readers and listeners,” Warren adds. “And I can’t wait to unveil everything we have in store. Innovation isn’t a futuristic term — innovation is now, and we’re ready to help you along your own journey.”

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