Oct 12, 2023 |

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month at Thomson Reuters

National Hispanic Heritage Month is a time to recognize and celebrate the rich history, culture, and contributions of American citizens whose ancestors came from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central and South America.

We sat down with four inspiring teammates to learn more about the significance of this month and the Latino Employee Network at Thomson Reuters.

Sofia, Social Media Manager, Eagan

“I have been working at Thomson Reuters for the past two years, where I serve as the Social Media Manager for FindLaw Consumer, Abogado.com, and LawInfo.com. I identify as Mexican American, as my family is from Puebla, Mexico and I was born in California. Hispanic Heritage Month allows me to celebrate and appreciate my culture even more. I try to take this time to really dive into the history behind Mexico and what makes it the country that it is today. I’ve developed a deep curiosity about my ancestors and their contributions to Mexico’s heritage, specifically the invaluable contributions of indigenous cultures. It also encourages me to embrace and appreciate the Hispanic culture more.
Sofia standing on a staircase in front of a background of tall buildings, wearing dark pants and a green shirt.
I became a member of the Latino Employee Network to build professional connections with individuals who share my background and heritage. I value the opportunity to connect with other Latinos and those who are eager to learn more about our culture. Recently, thanks to the Latino Employee Network, I was able to attend the ReVisión: Art in the Americas exhibit. This experience was truly unique and allowed me to learn about the art and history of Mexico, as well as other Latin American countries. I am grateful for the support and opportunities provided by this group.”

Izzy, Commercial Strategy and Policy, Minneapolis

“When it comes to Hispanic Heritage Month, I’ve grown to celebrate and cherish it more as the meaning has become more prevalent. We all come from a rich history and a beautiful culture. Our language, music, food, and traditions are all unique aspects of being Latino. But one of the biggest parts of the month is recognizing the sacrifices our family, friends, and ancestors made for us and the foundation they laid. There is still work to do, but knowing where we’ve come from makes knowing where we’re going that much clearer.
An image of three people standing on a golf course.
I joined the Latino Employee Network because I knew I wanted to be involved in paving the path for future generations of Latinos. Growing up, there weren’t entities that existed to elevate our population, and now being part of this business resource group not only promotes our heritage but also celebrates it. This is something I’m very proud of. Being a member of this group gives me the ability to deepen my connection with coworkers and allies who have similar shared experiences. It is bridging the gap between our personal selves and our professional selves. It’s a unique group because it allows us to connect on a genuine level as peers and create an inclusive community for current Thomson Reuters Latinos and future colleagues to connect.”

Andrea, Digital Marketing Analyst, Minneapolis

“I am originally from El Salvador in Central America, where I was born and raised. I currently live in Minnesota. Hispanic Heritage Month is a special time for me, celebrating the uniqueness and beauty of Hispanic culture, its diversity, traditions, and contributions. It’s a chance to showcase our heritage and educate others about its significance. I joined the Latino Employee Network because I believe in the power of unity and representation. It’s crucial to have a platform where we can amplify our voices, support one another, and foster a more inclusive workplace.
Andrea standing in front of a window and a plant, smiling, and wearing dark pants and a suit jacket.
Recently, thanks to the Latino Employee Network, I was able to participate in a commercial campaign with Telemundo, “Mujeres Imparables” (“Unstoppable Women” in English), that aired during the Women’s World Cup. This experience was truly special, I was able to share a little bit about my background and journey into my digital marketing career and was able to meet and learn from other amazing working professional Hispanic women. Being a member of this group means a lot to me. It’s about solidarity in the workplace and creating a mutually supportive network. Participation in the group also ensures that our community’s voice is heard and contributes to a more inclusive environment.”

Bianca, Collections Specialist, Minneapolis

“Hispanic Heritage Month holds a special place in my heart. As the daughter of a migrant worker, I’ve witnessed firsthand the trials and tribulations that Latinos face every day. This month is a tribute to those who came before us, paving the way for leadership, success, and brighter futures. One of the reasons I joined the Latino Employee Network at Thomson Reuters is to help foster an inclusive environment within our workplace and create a sense of belonging for myself and others. Being a part of this network means representing the voice of a community, and it’s about creating awareness that we can achieve just as much success as our non-Latino counterparts.

Bianca smiling and taking a selfie while wearing sunglasses and a construction hat.

I feel incredibly fortunate to be bilingual, and I use that gift to teach Junior Achievement in both English and Spanish. It’s something that brings me immense joy. This past year, I had the opportunity to teach four classes, and seeing the kids’ faces light up when I spoke their language meant everything. It showed them that they too can achieve their dreams, and that feeling is the greatest reward in the world.”