Jan 17, 2023 |

From Law to Tech: Yesenia’s journey at Thomson Reuters

Yesenia, Product Manager

When growing up, Yesenia never imagined she would work in technology. However, as her career began, working as an Attorney practicing employment law, she started to consider what a technology career might look like at Thomson Reuters.

“I didn’t have a technical background or education. So, I looked for mentors within the organization who could guide me and my career in product management. Through the Women at Thomson Reuters employee network, I was paired with a mentor who was, and continues to be, a tremendous help in encouraging me to pursue opportunities in Product management and instilling confidence in me that I could be successful as a product manager.”

Yesenia began her career at Thomson Reuters in an editorial role in Practical Law as a steppingstone to a job in technology.

“I took a leap of faith, took the job, and haven’t looked back since. Thomson Reuters gave me something invaluable: the ability to explore different roles within the company and find my place. I spent four years in editorial, and in that role, I completed projects with the product management team. That got me interested in product management, and I started thinking about whether it would be a good fit. I had the opportunity to do a part-time rotation with the product management team, which was my first glimpse into the day-to-day life of a Product Manager. I enjoyed it and felt my skills would be a good match, particularly problem-solving, collaborating, prioritizing, and researching.”

Since August 2021, Yesenia has worked as a Product Manager on the Practical Law team.

“My focus this past year has to been to develop Practical Law’s global offering. There is a strong need for the technology and resources globally, and we’re making real headway in bringing Practical Law to new markets.”

Yesenia also had the opportunity to attend- the 2022 Grace Hopper Celebration in September, the world’s largest gathering of women and non-binary technologists which Thomson Reuters is a sponsor of.

“The energy was infectious. I’ve never attended a conference with such passionate speakers and attendees. I appreciated the watch parties where I connected with other attendees at Thomson Reuters. I also enjoyed networking with other technologists from diverse professional backgrounds, such as myself.”

Her biggest takeaway from the conference was the importance of personal branding and leadership development while remaining authentic.

“I heard from many female leaders about empowerment, finding your voice and purpose, and the tools we need to advance our careers. My favorite quote from the conference was, ‘be yourself so the people looking for you can find you.’ I think about that quote a lot now, especially when I get the nagging feeling of imposter syndrome. It’s about trusting myself and the value I bring to the table.”