Oct 10, 2023 |

Get to know Thomson Reuters Latino Employee Network

Our mission is to grow, promote and retain employees of the Latino community, in addition to fostering cultural and professional growth of the Latino talent within the organization.

In celebration of National Hispanic Heritage Month which took place from September 15th to October 15th, we interviewed two co-chairs of our Latino Employee Network, Camila Laval and Kevin Starr, to hear about their experiences being a part of our business resource groups at Thomson Reuters.

Overview of the Latino Employee Network

The Latino Employee Network is an employee-led business resource group committed to creating awareness and understanding of the diverse backgrounds and experiences represented at Thomson Reuters.

Our mission is to grow, promote, and retain employees of the Latino/Hispanic community, in addition to fostering cultural and professional growth of the Latino talent within the organization. With our allies, we are dedicated to increasing representation, eliminating stereotypes through education, and celebrating our diverse cultures.

With an organization as vast and matrixed as Thomson Reuters, being in touch with employees across different functions allows for a better understanding of how the company works. For example, Camila Laval, a Senior Legal Writer & co-chair of the Minneapolis/St. Paul chapter shared “I knew many colleagues in Editorial, but my network was not as strong across the Human Resources, Finance, Sales, or Marketing departments, or in other geographic locations. The group has given me a chance to expand my network.”

“Kevin Starr, Sales Executive and co-chair of the Minneapolis/St. Paul chapter, shared his thoughts on the benefits of joining the Latino Employee Network from both a professional and personal standpoint. “With a company as large as Thomson Reuters and employees working hybrid or remote all over the world, this group has been a great opportunity to network and form a vast community of individuals who are in various stages of their careers. As someone who is not of Hispanic descent and Spanish being my second language, the network has been an amazing chance to continue following my passion for the culture while meeting new people.”

In an organization with over 26,000+ employees across 70+ countries, we want to make it easy for our colleagues to find community and connect with individuals that share similar experiences, languages, or identities. Joining a business resource group like the Latino Employee Network opens the door to an expansive network of individuals and provides opportunities for mentorship, professional development, cultural events, community outreach, and more.

When asked to describe the network in one phrase, Camila said it is “a community that brings together Latino/Hispanic and allies across the organization to share our culture and network.” Kevin shared that “it’s a resource group where one can aspire to grow their career, meet like-minded individuals, and feel a positive sense of community.”

Activities and events across the United States

The Latino Employee Network offers many opportunities to grow, promote, and retain Latino talent at Thomson Reuters with three chapters across the United States — including Ann Arbor, Dallas, and Minneapolis/St. Paul.

The hybrid work environment today enables chapters to collaborate across locations and extend the reach of their events to colleagues globally, as they are hosted both virtually and in person. Past events include panel discussions, leadership seminars, career-focused workshops, volunteer activities, cultural explorations, happy hours, virtual site visits of our offices in Latin America, and so much more.