Apr 26, 2024 |

Global Volunteer Month: Our Stories of Impact

At Thomson Reuters, we have a shared responsibility to do business in ways that respect, protect, and benefit our customers, our employees, our communities, and our environment. To support this corporate value, we encourage employee volunteerism. In April, we celebrated Global Volunteer Month – a time to acknowledge and celebrate the meaningful contributions our team members are making worldwide. We’re excited to share a selection of their inspiring stories with you. Learn more about how  teammates gave back in their local communities below. 

New Zealand

Ten people in New Zealand stand together in a field holding shovels during a volunteering session, removing blackberry plants.








Our teammates in New Zealand gathered to remove a lot of blackberry in preparation for a new Takahe pen to keep the Takahe safe during a rodent eradication programme in the future. As a reward, the team had a brief and unplanned encounter with a baby Tuatara – a fantastic reminder of the significant benefits delivered by all the hard work to create this predator-free environment. 


A large group of teammates pose for a photo together in the Thomson Reuters lobby inside the Manila office.








Our teammates in Manila visited the National Children’s Hospital and had the opportunity to connect with the children through music, dance, and arts and crafts. The resilience and inspiration of these children and their families were inspiring to our entire team. 


People stand on the roof of a school they are building in Mexico City. The people on the roof are waving their hands and there are people on the ground below them.








More than 40 Thomson Reuters colleagues in Mexico worked together to build a classroom that will benefit hundreds of children. This project marks the second successful initiative spearheaded by this dedicated group, brought to life through the 2023 Carla Jones Award from the Thomson Reuters Social Impact Institute. Proudly earned by this team last year, the award’s resources are now being channeled into this meaningful project. 

These stories are only a few examples of how our teammates foster a culture of care,  connection, and giving back. We hope that sharing these experiences highlights the change we’re making together, and inspires others to join in the effort to make a difference in the world around us. Thank you to all our colleagues and we look forward to continue to share more volunteering stories throughout the year.