Oct 05, 2023 |

How do our People, Communications and Social Impact teams grow together?

From September 12th – 14th, our People, Communications, and Social Impact teams participated in their third annual virtual people conference. This three-day event brought together colleagues globally to strengthen bonds, ignite innovation, and enhance the team’s global impact.

Day One

The first day of the conference was all about artificial intelligence (AI). Teammates had the opportunity to explore the real-world applications of AI by engaging in interactive sessions to help them gain insights that can benefit both their roles and give them a perspective on its broader use by teams across the company that they support. The wrap-up session was our AI Showcase: The Power of the Prompt. Teammates got to hear from several colleagues on how they are leveraging generative AI tools to boost creativity, spark innovation, and simplify their workflow. The tips and tricks our teammates shared showed us the power of AI to automate tasks, augment capabilities, and free up people to focus on higher-value work.

Day Two

The second day of the conference was all about making an impact. This day marked Thomson Reuters second annual Global Volunteer Day. Our People, Communications, and Social Impact teammates joined forces to positively impact their communities as part of this initiative. Over 1,300 employees throughout the business participated, supporting more than 100 charitable organizations across 15 countries. The Thomson Reuters team volunteered over 6,800 hours, surpassing last year’s total of 5,000 hours!

Day Three

The final day of the conference was dedicated to sharing knowledge. Teammates had the opportunity to choose their own adventure and pick from a variety of quick, engaging, and interactive learning sessions led by our People, Communications, and Social Impact colleagues. Connections were forged while learning everything from graphology, Zumba dancing, inclusive communications, and change management strategies among others. There was even a closing with a session on how to host an Oktoberfest party!

We had the opportunity to connect with one of our teammates, Carissa, as she reflected on her conference experience.

“Over the last three days, colleagues from across the globe had the opportunity to:

LEARN TOGETHER. We spent time on how to make generative AI practical for our team. We learned how augmenting our work can help us focus on the things that add the most value. And collectively, we gained an appreciation for AI ethics and guardrails to ensure we experiment safely. We also held a “prompt party,” showcasing how to identify use cases that generative AI could help with, and then colleagues gave demos of how they are using different types of prompts in their day-to-day work. While there is so much more to emerge about how AI will shape the future of work, our focus on proactive skill-building was intentional.

GIVE TOGETHER. We rallied with the broader Thomson Reuters team to volunteer for causes that are near & dear to our hearts. It was a great break to take the time and give back to our communities and reminded us about how we can make a big impact on the world.

EXPLORE TOGETHER. We had the opportunity to choose our own adventure and join short knowledge exchange learning bursts taught by our talented colleagues on a variety of topics that they were passionate about. While this conference was never intended to provide all the answers it was great to see people’s growth mindset in action.”

Thanks to our People, Communications, and Social Impact teams for making this year’s conference memorable. And thanks to the core planning team for bringing this extraordinary event to life. If you’re interested in learning more about life at Thomson Reuters (#WorkingAtTR), follow us on social media or join our talent community.