Apr 17, 2023 |

It’s Global Volunteer Month: what are you planning to do?

Kim Greene, Social Impact Communications Specialist, Social Impact Institute

Volunteering is a great way to give back to your community and make a difference in the world. And what better time to start than during Global Volunteer Month?

At Thomson Reuters, we’re proud to support volunteerism by giving every employee 16 hours of time every year to volunteer in their communities. In 2022, Thomson Reuters launched its annual Global Volunteer Day where employees were encouraged to volunteer in their communities for an organization whose work excites them. Last year’s event saw over 750 employees take part in supporting more than 100 charitable organizations across 15 countries.

So, whether you’re looking to get started as a volunteer or simply want to learn more about how you can make a difference in your own community, read on for some tips and information about why volunteering is important.

April is Global Volunteer Month 

Global Volunteer Month is a time to celebrate the difference that volunteers make in their communities and to encourage more people to get involved.

Volunteering is important for many reasons. Many nonprofits are tackling the world’s biggest challenges with the fewest amount of resources – by giving your time through hands-on volunteering or your expertise through pro bono volunteering, every hour of support can make a huge difference for the organization and the cause they serve, helping to build stronger, more cohesive communities.

Volunteering can also have a positive impact on volunteers themselves. People who volunteer often report feeling happier and more fulfilled than those who don’t. According to research from Cone Communications, 88 percent of employees feel more fulfilled by their jobs when they were provided opportunities to make a positive impact on social or environmental issues.

There are many ways to get involved in volunteering, and there’s something to suit everyone. Whether you have a few hours to spare each week or you’re looking for a longer-term commitment, there will be an opportunity for you to make a difference.

So, what are you waiting for? This Global Volunteer Month, make a pledge to do something good for your community – you might just surprise yourself at how rewarding it can be.

How to get started as a volunteer 

Finding the right volunteer opportunity can be difficult. People want to find opportunities that match with their passions, but they also want to do work where they can put their skills to use. It can be tough to know where to start, especially if you’ve never volunteered before. Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Choose a cause that excites you. Then look for opportunities that match the skills you have to offer. Do you have experience in marketing, web development, or accounting? There are plenty of nonprofits that would love to have your help. One possible starting point in your search for volunteer opportunities could be sites like VolunteerMatch, Idealist, or Taproot Plus. Additionally, the Thomson Reuters Foundation offers TrustLaw, a global pro bono legal service.
  • Involve your friends and family – volunteering is more fun when done together. Ask your friends and family if they’d be interested in joining you for a day of volunteering. You can even make it a monthly or quarterly tradition.
  • Don’t have time? Consider a financial donation, sign a petition, or drive awareness for the cause by sharing it on social media. Every little bit helps.

Thomson Reuters hosts its third annual IMPACTathon

To celebrate Global Volunteer Month, the Thomson Reuters Social Impact Institute is excited to host the third annual IMPACTathon from April 24-28, 2023. Launched in 2021, IMPACTathon is a global hackathon that brings together Thomson Reuters employees from all over the world to provide strategic and capacity-building support for nonprofit organizations.

Over the past two years, this innovative cross-sector program has successfully harnessed our teammates’ skills for the greater good, making a lasting impact on nonprofits worldwide. As one employee who volunteered for the 2022 IMPACTathon put it, “I felt like we really helped out nonprofit partner, and that made me feel terrific! The IMPACTathon was incredible.”

This year, we’re scaling up our efforts to support over 40 nonprofits across the globe.

The goal of the IMPACTathon is twofold:

  1. To expand leadership and development opportunities across Thomson Reuters, and
  2. To deepen relationships with our nonprofit partners who are working towards our social impact pillars of access to justice, truth, and transparency.

“Expanding on our longstanding tradition of offering pro bono legal aid, the Thomson Reuters Social Impact Institute is proud to be able to scale our pro bono opportunities and provide a more holistic approach to supporting our nonprofit partners. The IMPACTathon is a true testament to the power of collaboration for the public good,” states Meg Rauth VanWagner, Director, Social Impact Institute.

We are looking forward to seeing the impact our teams make as pro bono consultants at the IMPACTathon, and we encourage everyone to get involved in volunteer work this month however they can.

Take Action

There is practically no end to the difference you can make by donating your time and talent to organizations that move you. Just as Thomson Reuters employees seek to make a difference through IMPACTathon, there are countless opportunities for you to make a difference in your own community. So, take the next step and make some time to volunteer—not only during Global Volunteer Month, but throughout the year.