May 19, 2023 |

Mental health day off: how our teammates prioritize their wellbeing

At Thomson Reuters, employee wellbeing is a top priority. That’s why we offer our employees two mental health days, allowing them to take a day to focus on their mental health and recharge. These days provide a valuable opportunity for employees to step away from work and focus on their mental wellbeing, allowing them to recharge, refresh, and prioritize their needs. In this blog, we will delve into the experiences of Thomson Reuters teammates across the world who recently enjoyed their mental health day off. From reconnecting with family to pursuing personal passions, hear how our teammates made the most of this special day and prioritized their wellbeing.

“Today we got to spend a day off work so we can focus on our mental wellbeing. I reconnected with what I think is the most important thing in life: family, finally meeting my niece!”

Emiliano, Product Marketing Coordinator, Channel Enablement, Mexico

Emiliano holding his niece for the first time.






“Mental health is always a top priority. Thomson Reuters recognizes that and offers two mental health days per year to employees. I like to celebrate them with a nice round of golf!”

Ryan, Core Field Sales Manager, United States

A golf course with bright green grass and a dark blue sky.






“Today was our first mental health day off of the year at Thomson Reuters. I paused my routine and chose a different activity than usual to recharge, reading!”

Mariana, Senior HR Advisor, Argentina

Mariana with a book in her lap and cup of coffee in her hand







“I’m spending our mental health day off at a fabulous Sicilian beach after a busy week I’ve spent here, working remotely, using Thomson Reuters Work from Anywhere benefit. Working in Human Resources, it is important that I highlight the benefits we offer to our teammates but also model using them. Using these benefits enables me to stay engaged in my work and nurture a healthy mind and soul.”

Agata, Regional HR Lead, Poland

Agata doing a handstand on the beach as the sun is setting in the background







“Today is one of the two annual mental health days off that Thomson Reuters gives us to focus on our wellbeing and to recharge. I took this as an opportunity to literally run up and down hills! I’m fortunate to work for an organization that does as much as Thomson Reuters does to care for its people.”

George, Sr. Product Manager, Canada

George taking a selfie in front of the waterfront in Toronto





“Yesterday, I had the opportunity to stay at home with my family around me! I enjoy using our mental health days off to do something that brings me peace and helps refresh my mind and body.”

Josimar, Business Analyst – Tax, Brazil

Josimar smiling and taking a selfie with his partner and two children






“I spent the day exploring the Sydney Botanical Gardens and the New South Wales Art Gallery with my parents for mother’s day. My fortune cookie for you all: Work without pause for the rejuvenation of culture, nature and loved ones is work without purpose. Whether your company offers you a formal mental health day or you take an annual or personal leave day, make sure you take time to rest. Life can too easily pass you by while you are at your keyboard. You are the best version of yourself when you are recharged, for you and your company.”

Michael, Manager, Marketing, ANZ, Australia

A photo collage of the activities Michael did on his mental health day off with the quote: Work without pause for the rejuvenation of culture, nature and loved ones is work without purpose.






“I spent my mental health day off traveling to my 20th University of Virginia School of Law reunion. It was the perfect opportunity to catch up with friends I hadn’t seen in ages! Nothing promotes mental health quite like reconnecting with the community.”

Kate, Director, Practical Law Labor & Employment, United States

Kate standing with her friends in a garden smiling






“Do you know that hugging a kitty can lower blood pressure; and help people cope with anxiety and stress? So, here’s me giving my cat Thunder hugs all day this Thomson Reuters mental health day off. I think he likes it!”

Shay, Client Relationship Manager, Singapore

Shay hugging his cat







“Today was my third mental health day off since I started working at Thomson Reuters. I decided to pamper myself and take care of my body, mind, and spirit. I started with an intense workout, followed by a massage and spa time, and finished with a meditation and family time.”

Fabiola, Talent & Development Coordinator, Mexico

Fabiola taking a selfie in the gym mirror







“Spending our mental health day off at the beach is a no-brainer for me! We drove for almost six hours to reach the northern side of the Philippines, known as the surfing capital of the north – La Union (in short, Elyu). As perfect as it is, we arrived in great time and enjoyed this beautiful sunset. Now, I am fully recharged and ready to take on what’s ahead!”

Neil, Human Resources Administrator, Philippines

The sun setting at the beach in La Union - Philippines







“Gardening and doing yard work are very therapeutic, relaxing, and rewarding. Why am I sharing this? Because May 12th was our mental health day off. The theme was cultivating courage. So, I cultivated courage as well as my garden. It’s a good reminder to make time to take care of yourself! Here’s to personal and horticultural growth.”

Michael, Senior Sales Executive, United States

The freshly manicured walkway in front of Micheal's home








“Relocating from London to Sydney earlier this year wasn’t easy, especially with our six-month-old son. My wife Kriti has helped me be mentally strong; she’s my pillar of support and source of confidence. Making the best use of the day, we went to beautiful Breenhold Gardens in the Blue Mountains and had a colorful family day out (the first in my lifetime, autumn in May). I’m grateful to Thomson Reuters for making employee well-being a priority. It was extra special and meant more this year for me.”

Sandeep, Account Executive, Austalia

Sandeep standing with her partner and child in a field of red trees








Thanks to our teammates for sharing how they spent their mental health day off with us. Ultimately, these stories serve as a reminder that prioritizing mental health is not only essential for individuals but also beneficial for organizations, fostering a culture where wellbeing is a priority all year, not only on our mental health days off.