May 30, 2023 |

Reuters IMPACT: Advancing the Climate Change Conversation

Jon Harman, Senior Sector Head, Reuters Events

Climate change is the greatest challenge we face. Current efforts, though, are almost certainly too little to prevent global warming of 1.5-degrees, the target outlined in the Paris Agreement. What happens now?

About Reuters IMPACT

Reuters IMPACT is a conference and a platform around justice, truth, and transparency in the global climate conversation. It is designed to facilitate constructive discussion and debate with a wide-reaching audience. In 2022, Reuters IMPACT focused on five key themes: urgency, collaboration, policy stability, scale, and justice. In 2023, it will tackle these issues by bringing together world leaders, C-suite executives, and forward-thinking pioneers to inspire, accelerate, and drive action.

With a strong editorial presence, Reuters IMPACT conducts interviews with political and business leaders that cut through the noise, influence markets, and encourage new perspectives. This enables Reuters IMPACT to provide trusted, market-shaping intelligence that is transparent and accessible to all, with millions tuning in to watch the conversations via a global broadcast.

Reuters IMPACT, a part of Reuters IMPACT Congress London, will be held in London on September 6-7. As one of four stages, Reuters IMPACT will unite C-suite executives, alongside sustainability reporting experts, ESG investment professionals, and net-zero communities. Over 1,000 leaders from these groups will collaborate to shape leadership strategies, investment frameworks, and innovative technologies that will expedite action against the climate change.

Reuters IMPACT provides a platform for climate leaders to envision and implement alternative approaches. Only through visionary ideas, sustainable practices, international collaboration, and future-focused thinking can we uncover the opportunities and solutions for businesses to achieve tangible climate-positive outcomes.

To learn more about attending or participating in Reuters IMPACT, please visit our website here.