Apr 19, 2023 |

Thomson Reuters Green Teams: Working Toward a More Sustainable Future

Nikki, Senior Specialist in Content Design Development, Minnesota

Saturday, April 22, 2023, is Earth Day. In honor of this annual event, we sat down with Nikki, a Senior Specialist in Content Design & Development and a Green Team lead in Eagan, Minnesota who has worked at Thomson Reuters for 12 years, having joined the Green Team seven years ago. Green Teams are employee-led groups that gather sustainability-related suggestions and ideas from employees on key focus areas, arrange knowledge-sharing events and volunteering activities, and participate in and host events on or around Earth Day. Below Nikki shares about the sustainability initiatives and the networking opportunities the Green Team has provided with like-minded teammates trying to make a difference in the world.

What does being a part of the Green Team mean to you? 

I love being part of the Green Team and working with teammates to educate others about green solutions, help support Thomson Reuters sustainability goals and initiatives, and complete active, hands-on volunteer service to help our local communities throughout the Twin Cities. It brings me joy and fulfillment to know I am doing my small part to help preserve and protect the planet.

What type of activities or initiatives does the Green Team take part in?

We create activities and initiatives that revolve around sustainability and encourage employees to get outside and enjoy nature. Some of those activities have included:

  • Working in the employee giving garden on campus (all vegetables and fruits harvested are donated to charitable partners/food shelves)
  • Promoting green transportation alternatives for employees
  • Media swap events to offer employees a chance to upcycle their items
  • Master Gardener classes on campus

Does the Green Team have anything planned for Earth Day? 

We are supporting the events planned by the Minneapolis–Saint Paul Community Relations team and encouraging teammates to get outside to enjoy nature, find somewhere in their local communities to volunteer, and to evaluate their own personal habits and practices to see if they can be swapped for something more sustainable.

How do you plan to celebrate Earth Day? 

My family celebrates every Earth Day outside in nature. We usually hike in one of Minnesota’s beautiful Regional or State Parks and always end up clearing trash along the shore of our local lake. My husband and I are avid conservation anglers and do our utmost to keep our beautiful fisheries clean. We also know the importance of teaching the next generation the importance of protecting our environment, so we always take our daughter with us (1.5 years old, and she loves picking up trash now)!

Thanks to Nikki for sitting down with us and sharing her plans for Earth Day. We look forward to hearing more about the Green Team and their plans for 2023!