November 18, 2021 | INSIDE THOMSON REUTERS

How 20+ years of military service influenced our careers

Meet Mirna, Lieutenant Commander and Senior Director, Program & Project Management #WorkingAtTR

"I have served in the United States Navy for 28 years. I spent eight years active enlisted and 20 years as an officer in the reserves. Now, in my career at Thomson Reuters, I still carry the lessons I've learned from my service experience. From day one, the military instils teamwork; you can't achieve great things alone. Leaders are accountable and take care good care of their people. Under stressful situations, you rely on your training and experience. Be flexible and adapt because the environment will change. Last, value diverse views because everyone has different backgrounds and has something to contribute.

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I ask my fellow veterans to be proud and less humble; most veterans believe they were 'just' doing their job. To the families of our vets, I say "thank you!" because they sacrifice a lot. And to my colleagues at Thomson Reuters, a simple thank you means a lot to any veteran."

Meet Matt, Chief Petty Officer (Ret), US Navy and Senior HR Manager #WorkingAtTR in Minneapolis - St. Paul

"I come from a military family, so it was always kind of pre-determined that I would join the service. Everyone else in my family was in either the Army or the Marines. I had to be the oddball and defy (sort of) tradition by joining the Navy. When I began my career at Thomson Reuters, I didn't realize how much my 20 years of military service influenced my values and behaviors as a people leader. In the military, you are fortunate enough to work with people from diverse backgrounds with diverse values. As a Human Resources Manager, that early exposure has significantly contributed to more personal connections and interactions with the employees and managers I have supported at Thomson Reuters.

With Veteran's Day approaching, I want to say to my fellow veterans and their families, thank you. Although it will never equal the time, sacrifice, and courage you have put in, I will always be grateful."

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