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INTERNING podcast: Being a Black intern


At Thomson Reuters, we are committed to building diverse and inclusive teams. Diverse teams reach more customers and challenge the status quo, while an inclusive workplace cultivates breakthroughs and solves problems more efficiently for our customers. 

This summer, the Thomson Reuters Black Employee Network – Europe chapter launched the Black Internship Scheme (BIS), an initiative that provides paid internships to Black and mixed-race 18- to 24-year-olds. As part of the BIS, we launched INTERNING, a podcast hosted by Beverley Wedderburn, a Senior Product Manager at Thomson Reuters and BIS team lead.

INTERNING focuses on the experience of being a young Black adult navigating the corporate world. Through conversations with our current BIS interns and leaders at Thomson Reuters, Beverley explores the BIS experience, highlights the rewards and challenges of the program, and speaks to the benefits of using alternative pathways to engage with and encourage Black talent into organizations to build a diverse workforce.

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In this episode of INTERNING, President and CEO of Thomson Reuters Steve Hasker and Zion Dapaah, a Sales intern in BIS, joined Beverley to discuss the Thomson Reuters Diversity & Inclusion commitment, the importance of trying new things and not being afraid to fail, listening to your mum, and the many benefits of a good night's sleep.

In this episode of INTERNING, our host Beverley is joined by BIS Tech Support intern Kanye Anderson. Listen to Kanye share his thoughts on his internship journey, the importance of bringing your authentic self to work, and how his new puppy Kash has become an honorary team member.

In this episode of INTERNING, our host Beverley is joined by Lucinda Case, Head of Legal Professionals Europe and Patrick Hurley, VP Global Specialty Support. Listen to Lucinda and Patrick share their thoughts on why diverse representation matters, the importance of keeping this conversation alive to influence change, and how they are using their voices to ally, amplify and pay it forward.

In this episode of INTERNING, our host Beverley is joined by David Wong, Chief Product Officer and Chris Louie, VP of People and Future of Work Strategy at Thomson Reuters. Listen to Beverley, David and Chris discuss their purpose, what drives them to make change matter, and the importance of the Black Internship Scheme.

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