July 21, 2016

S&P Canada All Bond Index, with Data and Bond Pricing Provided by Thomson Reuters Now Available in Canada

Indices to provide asset managers pricing and data for Canadian fixed income market

TORONTO – Canadian investment professionals now have a comprehensive way to track the domestic fixed-income markets, with the launch of the S&P Canada All Bond Index Family. The data underlying the index family is supplied by Thomson Reuters.

The S&P Canada All Bond Index Family from S&P Dow Jones Indices seeks to measure the performance of the Canadian fixed income market.

The headline index, the S&P Canada All Bond Index, is a broad and market value-weighted index designed to measure the performance of the Canadian fixed income market.

The bid-side pricing of index bonds is obtained from Thomson Reuters Pricing Service (TRPS), which provides end-of-day pricing data as well as terms and conditions data.

“With the ever-increasing interest in Canadian markets, investors are searching for relevant insight to make informed decisions,” said Lisa Rowsell, managing director, Financial & Risk Canada for Thomson Reuters. “The S&P Canada All Bond Index tracks a full breadth of sub-indices specifically focused within the country to provide users a picture into the Canadian fixed income market.” 

The S&P Canada All Bond Index comprises of constituents from the following indices:

  • S&P Canada Aggregate Bond Index, which is a broad, comprehensive, market value-weighted index designed to measure the performance of the investment grade Canadian fixed income market including government, provincial and municipal, corporate, covered bond, and collateralized securities.
  • S&P Canada High Yield Corporate Bond Index, comprised of a universe of Canadian dollar-denominated non-investment grade debentures issued both domestically and through the Eurobond market.

The family of indices also includes:

  • S&P Canada Treasury Bill Index, a market value-weighted index designed to measure the performance of Canadian dollar-denominated government bills issued by the Canadian government in its domestic market.
  • Current Year Sovereign Bond Indices, sub-indices of the S&P Canada Sovereign Bond Index.

TRPS is supported by experienced evaluators who apply consistent pricing methodologies, reflecting up-to-date market conventions and procedures in order to provide transparency into the inputs and techniques used to value illiquid and harder-to-value securities.

“We are very pleased to be providing S&P Dow Jones Indices with fixed income end-of-day pricing as well as our comprehensive and high-quality bond terms and conditions data,” said Marika Vilen, global head of Partners. “This speaks to our commitment to serving Canadian customers and ensuring they are able to utilize our award winning content via multiple partners, platforms, and applications.”                  

"The depth and breadth of Thomson Reuters data has enabled S&P Dow Jones Indices to launch the S&P Canada All Bond Index Family, a set of indices that offer unique perspectives into the Canadian bond markets” said J.R. Rieger, Head of Fixed Income at S&P Dow Jones Indices.

TRPS is a global solution that covers over 2.5 million fixed income securities, derivatives and loans, priced daily, including: collateralized loan obligations (CLOs), collateralized debt obligations (CDOs), asset-backed securities (ABS), commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS), credit default swaps (CDS), corporates, US municipals, and more. Prices are delivered throughout the day or at market closing times around the world depending on the asset class, with supporting commentary from expert analysts to provide insight on the day’s events. 

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