July 13, 2016

Thomson Reuters and CME Group to Integrate Instant Messaging Networks in Support of Open Communication for Financial Markets

Eikon Messenger and CME Pivot instant messaging networks will together provide interconnected network for over 300,000 market participants across financial and commodities markets

London/Chicago – Thomson Reuters and CME Group today announced they have reached an agreement to implement connectivity between their instant messaging networks, Thomson Reuters Eikon Messenger and CME Pivot Instant Messaging, to support open and compliant cross-industry communication for financial and commodities markets. This combined service will be available late Q3 2016.

The agreement between Thomson Reuters and CME Group will allow over 300,000 current market participants using the respective messenger services to communicate seamlessly across platforms. Thomson Reuters and CME Group have seen a surge in new instant messaging account registrations in June, coinciding with the announcement that in August 2016, Yahoo plans to discontinue support for legacy versions of its instant messaging service, as well as the API used to connect its instant messaging service with other networks.

“Instant messaging platforms have become a popular tool for communication in financial markets. However, many of these platforms operate in silos and increased regulatory scrutiny has forced market participants to examine their ability to avoid exposure to unnecessary risk in using these platforms,” said Shaun Sibley, managing director, supply chain and commodities at Thomson Reuters. “Our work with CME Group highlights Thomson Reuters long-standing commitment to provide an open messaging platform that breaks down the barriers to communication in financial markets and helps our users to address regulatory requirements. This collaboration further increases the number of people in commodities and financial markets that can now communicate seamlessly with each other. Together, we are enriching these communities without disrupting workflow, increasing costs, or compromising the robust compliance and security standards that need to be addressed in order to participate in today’s marketplace.”

CME Group is focused on delivering high-value technology services to customers in support of the derivatives marketplace. 

“This agreement with Thomson Reuters around our instant messaging platforms signifies our commitment to maintaining an open network for customers to communicate across a wide range of participants in the financial community while allowing our customers to comply with regulatory requirements,” said Craig Mohan, CME Group managing director market technology and data services. “CME Pivot enables users to distribute instant messages to more than 400 potential counterparties at once, and provides liquidity alerts that flag key CME Globex activity for market participants.”

Thomson Reuters Eikon Messenger is an established and open instant messaging collaboration tool created for the global financial community. Available as part of Thomson Reuters Eikon and as a standalone, free-of-charge application, Eikon Messenger aids regulatory compliance by including bilateral chat controls in addition to a suite of active compliance tools, including features that allow keyword blocking, disclaimers and policy enforcement. It also provides users with access to the world’s largest open directory of contacts, spanning more than 285,000 individuals in 25,000 firms across 180 countries.

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