February 1, 2018

Thomson Reuters Introduces Investment Research Marketplace on Eikon to Further MiFID II Compliance

Thomson Reuters Investment Research Marketplace allows buy-side firms to purchase sell-side research through its Eikon research and market data platform

NEW YORK – Thomson Reuters now offers an Investment Research Marketplace on its flagship desktop product Eikon, a solution that enables buy-side firms to purchase research from sell-side contributors designed to inform and complement their investment processes.  This solution also helps facilitate buy-side compliance with MiFID II research unbundling requirements.              

Thomson Reuters Investment Research Marketplace in Eikon will host subscription based collections of a select number of global sell-side contributors.  Buy-side firms will be able to purchase these research collections by contracting directly with Thomson Reuters, and then consume them via Eikon.  Any research acquired will be seamlessly integrated with all Eikon research capabilities, including our flagship Advance Research Search, Search & Discover, and Watchlist Pulse.

“In a changing investment management landscape, our buy-side and sell-side clients are looking for new ways to acquire, consume, distribute and monetize research” said Mahesh Narayan, head of Portfolio Management and Research, Thomson Reuters.  “This new capability demonstrates our innovative approach to deliver value-driven solutions to our buy-side clients that help enhance the investment process.  It also furthers our continuing commitment to provide the market with products that are designed to facilitate MiFID II compliance post-implementation.”  

As one of the largest aggregators of real-time research in the world, Thomson Reuters offers a comprehensive portfolio of research-related products for both the buy-side and sell-side, and continues to focus on delivering MiFID II research-related solutions and enhancements on Eikon to help clients prepare. In 2017, Thomson Reuters announced a series of Eikon integrations and enhancements to further align with research unbundling requirements.  Thomson Reuters also announced a partnership with Visible Alpha to bring three joint-solutions on to Eikon to track corporate access and sell-side interactions, and a series of search functionality and research management upgrades.

“Accessing research in a seamless way and reaching new users are the two main challenges around MiFID II, this solution will help us to show our independent expertise on a global basis. We consider MiFID II as a strong opportunity for buy-side to open their research providers list to analysts who actually capture alpha,” said Maxime Mathon, head of communications and marketing, AlphaValue.

“We look forward to partnering with Thomson Reuters to further expand our research franchise in Switzerland, Europe, North Americas and Asia”, said Panagiotis "Takis" Spiliopoulos, Managing Director and Head of Research for Bank Vontobel AG.

“Over the past years ABN AMRO has continued to invest in its equity platform. MIFID II, not only generates challenges, such as an increased administrative burden, but also offers new opportunities and business models. We are looking forward to further expand our client base with the help of our dedicated long term partners, such as Thomson Reuters”, said Wim Gille, Head of Equity Research for ABN AMRO.

These tools continue the ongoing series of enhancements and new solutions Thomson Reuters has delivered to the financial industry related to new MiFID II requirements, which were implemented January 3, 2018.

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