November 1, 2018

Innovations Added to Westlaw Edge

Regulations Compare and the Delaware Court of Chancery state court analytics are Thomson Reuters’ latest innovations for its new version of Westlaw

MINNEAPOLIS-ST. PAUL., November 1, 2018 – Thomson Reuters has just introduced its latest features on Westlaw Edge, adding Delaware Court of Chancery state court to its integrated Litigation Analytics and introducing Regulations Compare, a unique service that allows legal researchers to quickly understand how a federal regulation has changed over time. Westlaw Edge is the latest version of Westlaw from Thomson Reuters, the world’s leading provider of news and information-based tools to professionals.

Using Regulations Compare on Westlaw Edge, legal professionals can see the most recent changes to a federal regulation and compare any two versions going back to 2005, saving significant time. Additions to a regulation are indicated by highlighting, while deletions are indicated by red strikethrough. This eliminates the painful task of manually comparing historical versions of the Federal Register. The new feature has coverage for all federal regulations and users can download, print or email the comparison, similar to how they use Statutes Compare, the popular Westlaw Edge feature that launched with the product in July and allows users to investigate the evolution of a statute. And now, within both Statutes Compare and Regulations Compare, researchers can simply navigate to the next and previous change within the document.

According to Mike Dahn, senior vice president of Westlaw Product Management, there are tens of thousands of changes made to federal regulations every year, and corporations carry enormous burdens just stay up to date on regulatory changes affecting their business and market. “Customer feedback on Statutes Compare was very positive, and we listened to their feedback when they said it would be a big time-saver to have this comparison capability for federal regulations as well,” he said. “With Regulations Compare, Westlaw Edge users can now understand regulatory changes better and faster than ever.”

Delaware Court of Chancery state court added to Litigation Analytics

The Court of Chancery has a national reputation and is responsible for developing case law in Delaware on corporate matters. Now, with its dedicated analytics report on the Delaware Court of Chancery, users of Litigation Analytics can easily stay current with the significant amount of business-related litigation taking place in the Delaware court. At the time of its launch three months ago, Litigation Analytics on Westlaw Edge already included almost 8 million federal cases and a wide variety of motion analytics, and today no other service offers more analytics across more practice areas.

“Delaware Court of Chancery on Litigation Analytics offers users the ability to filter by an industry-leading 13 motion types and refine further with a ‘search within’ feature, allowing users to find the most valuable insights faster,” said Jeff Arvidson, director of Product Development at Thomson Reuters.

“At Thomson Reuters, innovation begins with a customer problem,” said Dahn. “Westlaw Edge solves the most significant problems in legal research using our attorney editor experience, our knowledge of the legal industry, and the most sophisticated artificial intelligence in the legal industry to help make research faster, reduce risk, and offer insights to litigation teams that give them a competitive edge. We’re excited to continue advancing Westlaw Edge as we build features and add new content to support our customers.”

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