January 28, 2019

Westlaw Edge’s Litigation Analytics Now Provides Deep Analysis of Judges’ Citations Based on Westlaw Attorney Editor-Authored Content

Case experience and the courts judges rely upon most brought to life in new Precedent Analytics feature

MINNEAPOLIS-ST. PAUL, January 28, 2019 Westlaw Edge users now have the ability to access deep analysis of topics, cases and courts judges rely upon when they draft opinions using Precedent Analytics, a new feature on Westlaw Edge’s Litigation Analytics.

Precedent Analytics presents visualization and insights relating to how individual judges cite to prior case law. Built upon Westlaw’s exclusive attorney-authored summaries of law and leveraging topics classified in the West Key Number System, Westlaw Edge users now have a powerful ability to view detailed analysis of the issues and precedent judges cite to in their opinions.

“Precedent Analytics allows researchers to derive key insights into a judge based on topics, the cases a judge regularly relies on and other judges he or she frequently cites,” said Jeff Arvidson, director, Product Management for Thomson Reuters. “Additionally, researchers can discover the specific district, circuit or state courts a judge most often looks to when issuing their opinions.”

Leveraging the capabilities of the West Key Number System and KeyCite, Precedent Analytics lets users better understand judges via analysis of their experience and their reliance on key judicial rulings, which could be strategically important during litigation.

Senior Vice President of Westlaw Product Management Mike Dahn noted the value Precedent Analytics produces through Thomson Reuters unrivaled content. “Understanding which cases judges cite to most often by topic can be incredibly important for brief writing and effective advocacy. Only Westlaw Edge enables litigators to see this information by topic with the most sophisticated topical classification of U.S. law, the West Key Number System.”

Precedent Analytics also will quickly show whether there is a seminal case a judge regularly relies upon for different types of issues. Without the new feature, this insight from traditional research would require a significant amount of time.

Precedent Analytics, available immediately to all Westlaw Edge users, is fully integrated with Litigation Analytics on Westlaw Edge providing even more value to legal researchers. At the time of its launch, Litigation Analytics on Westlaw Edge already included almost 8 million federal dockets and 150 million state dockets. Plus, with filtering available by 23 motion types and more than 100 sub-motion types, Litigation Analytics is unmatched in both coverage and capabilities. No other service offers more analytics across more documents, motion types and case types.

Learn more about Litigation Analytics on Westlaw Edge, now including Precedent Analytics, here. To view or download screenshots of Precedent Analytics, please visit LegalCurrent.com.

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Jeff McCoy