November 6, 2019

Archbold: 2020 Edition Published

World-renowned legal text provided to Crown Court of England and Wales judges featuring significant content, navigation improvements and revised chapters.

LONDON, November 6, 2019: Archbold: Criminal Pleading, Evidence and Practice, the leading practitioners’ reference book for criminal lawyers and published by Thomson Reuters, is now available in its 2020 edition.

The new edition will be made available to all Crown Court judges in England and Wales to use if they choose, in accordance with the Ministry of Justice’s announcement earlier this year on the selection of courtroom books.  Since 1822, Archbold has offered authoritative and comprehensive coverage of practice and procedure for the Crown Courts.

Building on the success of the 2019 edition, for which content was rewritten and restructured, and layout and navigation improved, further changes have been made to the new edition based on in-depth feedback from subscribers. Archbold’s expert author team has been expanded under the direction of the general editor, His Honour Judge Mark Lucraft Q.C., the Chief Coroner of England and Wales, supported for the 2020 edition by a judicial board of eleven judges.

As ever, all chapters have been comprehensively updated and further house style changes have been made to ensure that the text of Archbold is of the highest standard. Building on the improvements made to the 2019 edition, such as a complete revision to the chapter on Sentencing, further significant content revisions have been applied to chapters such as:

  • Chapter 2 (specifically Deferred Prosecution Agreements)
  • Chapter 5B (Confiscation)
  • Chapter 13 (specifically Rehabilitation of Offenders)
  • Chapter 20 (Sexual Offences)
  • Chapter 25 (specifically Terrorism)

HHJ Lucraft Q.C., says: “The 2020 edition Archbold encompasses the most current legislation as well as revised chapters. We have built on the work undertaken with the 2019 edition, made changes suggested by users, recruited additional expert authors and further enhanced the judicial board to ensure the most comprehensive and thorough coverage of the law as it currently stands, as well as the practice and procedure of the Crown Court. It builds on previous texts, adding further value for practitioners.”

Tania Quan, who leads UK Print Ops at Thomson Reuters, says: “We are pleased to provide Archbold to judges across England and Wales criminal courts for their use for the forthcoming judicial year.  With its honed, authoritative updates, Archbold remains the most authoritative and exhaustively researched reference, edited by the leading experts in criminal practice and procedure. With over 190 years’ authority informing every page, Archbold has built a reputation among practitioners as a daily tool to help them do their work.”

More information on Archbold 2020 can be found here.

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