July 15, 2020

Thomson Reuters Partners with Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce to Offer Global Ad Hoc Arbitration Platform During COVID-19 Pandemic 

SCC Ad Hoc Platform addresses challenges to proceedings in both arbitration and national court systems from coronavirus.

London, 15 July 2020: Thomson Reuters and the Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce (SCC) announced that SCC is offering parties and tribunals the opportunity to use the SCC’s online global arbitration platform for ad hoc cases during the COVID-19 crisis.

The global pandemic has forced many courts to postpone cases, resulting in an increased backlog, especially for commercial disputes. The SCC’s Ad Hoc Platform, powered by HighQ, meets the growing need for a joint digital space where information can be shared in a secure manner. This is particularly relevant at a time when travel is severely restricted, leading to the industry needing to digitalize at record speed. Until now, ad hoc cases generally did not have access to central institutions that could provide digitalization and secure online tools.

The Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce is one of the largest arbitral institutions in the world and administers around 200 cases per year, some involving sums in the tens of billions of Euros.

The launch of the Ad Hoc Platform in June follows the successful launch of the SCC Platform last year, one of the first services of its kind to be offered by a major arbitral institution. The Ad Hoc Platform leverages HighQ, a leading digital solution that allows people to securely collaborate on projects, files and matters. The Ad Hoc Platform offers almost all of the same functions as the SCC Platform along with specific capabilities to handle ad hoc cases. There is no requirement for cases to have any connection to the SCC to use the platform, and the SCC does not do any administration of the cases beyond opening and maintain the platform for each case.

Sebastiaan Bos, director of Solutions EMEA at Thomson Reuters said, “We are delighted to assist the SCC in providing this initiative to help arbitration professionals and their clients continue to move matters forward during this global pandemic. HighQ’s highly secure collaborative tools facilitate the managing of cases, regardless of the location of participants. We hope this contributes to a further digitalisation of arbitration cases during the crisis and in the longer term.”

Lise Alm, head of Business Development at the SCC said, "The SCC is continuously looking for ways to improve the process and efficiency of arbitral proceedings around the world. One step in this was when we launched the SCC Platform for all arbitrations administered by the SCC, in September 2019. Building on the success of the SCC Platform, we hope that the Ad Hoc Platform will be able to play an equally important role for ad hoc arbitrations globally. It significantly simplifies the management of ad hoc arbitrations in a time when more of the proceedings need to be coordinated and carried out online, and it provides a cybersecure environment in which to do so.”

What are the features of the SCC Platform?

The SCC Platform and the SCC Ad Hoc Platform utilize HighQ to provide secure collaboration to manage arbitration cases from request of arbitration to the rending of the award. The platform enables users to store and share case files, including procedural orders, submissions and exhibits. A tribunal notice board and calendar features enable parties to keep track of deadlines and relevant dates. The platforms also include automated arbitration case management to streamline the arbitration administration and to more efficiently manage the cases administered by the SCC.

For answers to commonly asked questions, please visit the SCC Institute website. To learn more about SCC, visit www.sccinstitute.se.

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Lise Alm