June 2, 2021

Thomson Reuters Adds Quick Check Contrary Authority Identification to Westlaw Edge

New feature identifies cases contrary to an opponent’s arguments 

MINNEAPOLIS-ST. PAUL, June 2, 2021 Thomson Reuters has introduced Quick Check Contrary Authority Identification, a Westlaw Edge feature within Quick Check that helps researchers quickly find weaknesses in an opponent’s arguments by clearly identifying new cases that are contrary to their arguments.

Researchers already use Quick Check to review their own work and to ensure the opposition is relying on good law, quoting valid and accurate language, and finding relevant cases that they failed to cite. With Quick Check Contrary Authority Identification, researchers can now analyze the other side’s filing and more quickly identify law that runs contrary to their opponent’s arguments.

“In working with customers to better understand their pain points in legal research and where we could uniquely help, we identified an opportunity to ‘jumpstart’ a response to the other side’s filing,” explained Carol Jo Lechtenberg, senior director, Westlaw Product Management.

Quick Check Contrary Authority Identification locates cases that may be helpful in arguing against the opponent’s filing and prioritizes them in the results. Within Quick Check, researchers can easily compare procedural information about the analyzed document with details of the recommended cases, and quickly review tags indicating when a recommended case originated from the same type of motion or contains contrary authority. Additionally, new citation tags highlight negative aspects of authority cited by the opponent.

Lechtenberg added, “When attorneys receive a brief or memo from the opposition, they’re often starting from scratch. Researchers go through a time-consuming process to understand the arguments being made, review the authority relied upon to ensure that it’s good law and appropriate for the position asserted, determine the accuracy and context of quoted language, craft responses to the arguments made, and review cases to support arguments that counter the opposition. Quick Check Contrary Authority Identification accelerates that process and adds another level of confidence.”

The introduction of Quick Check Contrary Authority Identification comes during the first-ever Thomson Reuters Legal SYNERGY conference, a premiere event for legal professionals that includes product sessions, continuing legal education, networking with peers and fascinating guests. Also, this new feature marks nearly two years of significant enhancements to further strengthen Quick Check, launched in July of 2019 as part of the industry-leading legal research solution Westlaw Edge. Previous enhancements include the additions of Quick Check Quotation Analysis and Quick Check Judicial.

Quick Check Contrary Authority Identification, like all features and tools released since product launch, is available to all Westlaw Edge subscribers.

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Jeff McCoy