Thomson Reuters launches Global Beneficial Ownership and additional sanctions data to CLEAR offering

Thomson Reuters is known for providing customers with transparent and reliable information. This new offering allows customers to gain insights into ultimate ownership of corporate entities derived from over one billion records from 190 different countries as well as new sanctions data added to CLEAR Adverse Media.

TORONTO, March 21, 2022 – Thomson Reuters has launched CLEAR Global Beneficial Ownership (GBO), a new product enabling organizations to quickly understand the ownership and control of international corporate entities and to help find global business registry information.

CLEAR Global Beneficial Ownership was developed in collaboration with industry experts to provide efficiency improvements and bring transparency to data searches. When conducting due diligence on a new foreign entity or offshore company, organizations are often on their own to investigate and identify beneficial ownership data and registry information.

CLEAR Global Beneficial Ownership allows organizations to:

  • Conduct due diligence on corporate entities
  • Uncover shell corporations and criminal rings
  • Understand supply chain risk
  • Protect reputational risk

“Alongside the power of Thomson Reuters CLEAR, Global Beneficial Ownership is the most effective way for organizations to mitigate risk by leveraging cutting-edge public records technology to obtain global business and ownership records – including source records that are instantly translated,” said Chris Maguire, General Manager, Corporates Risk for Thomson Reuters. “CLEAR’s GBO add-on is a gamechanger in locating hard-to-find business and person information while simultaneously identifying potential concerns associated with them.”

Global Beneficial Ownership provides the added value of safety to organizations by surfacing crucial data around global beneficial owners and corporate registries, while also providing comprehensive reports. This enables organizations to reveal risks quickly while intuitively identifying fraudulent or illicit activity to better judge where to do business.

The Global Beneficial Ownership launch comes off the heels of newly added CLEAR Adverse Media Sanctions a one-stop platform that reduces time spent researching across tools by providing integrated access to live adverse media plus sanctions data, politically exposed persons, state-owned entities, and third-party data.

“In today’s business and regulatory environment, it has become crucial for organizations to access transparent data that can safeguard operations by accurately weighing liability,” said Kevin Appold, Vice President of Product, US Public Records for Thomson Reuters. “Now with the combination of CLEAR Global Beneficial Ownership and new sanctions data added to our Adverse Media solution, organizations can seamlessly perform due diligence and particularly with international companies that have traditionally been more challenging to investigate.”

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