June 6, 2024

Thomson Reuters Announces Voting Results for Election of Directors

TORONTO, June 6, 2024 – Thomson Reuters (TSX/NYSE: TRI) today announced the voting results for the election of the company’s Board of Directors at its annual meeting of shareholders held in-person yesterday. 

All 13 nominees were elected to the Thomson Reuters Board of Directors, and each director elected will continue to hold office until Thomson Reuters’ next annual meeting of shareholders, or until the director resigns or a successor is elected or appointed. The voting results for directors were as follows:z

Nominee Votes For % Votes For Votes Withheld % Votes Withheld
David Thomson 408,706,476 99.24% 3,117,714 0.76%
Steve Hasker 411,594,083 99.94% 230,106 0.06%
Kirk E. Arnold 410,131,496 99.59% 1,692,693 0.41%
W. Edmund Clark, C.M. 401,886,171 97.59% 9,938,018 2.41%
LaVerne Council 411,571,247 99.94% 252,942 0.06%
Michael E. Daniels 409,002,810 99.31% 2,821,379 0.69%
Kirk Koenigsbauer 411,524,151 99.93% 300,038 0.07%
Deanna Oppenheimer 410,314,218 99.63% 1,509,971 0.37%
Simon Paris 410,293,717 99.63% 1,530,473 0.37%
Kim M. Rivera 411,601,992 99.95% 222,197 0.05%
Barry Salzberg 410,353,697 99.64% 1,470,492 0.36%
Peter J. Thomson 403,586,186 98.00% 8,238,003 2.00%
Beth Wilson 411,412,115 99.90% 412,075 0.10%

For the other items of business at the annual meeting, shareholders re-appointed PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP as the company’s auditor and approved an advisory resolution on executive compensation. A final report on voting results has been filed with the Canadian securities regulatory authorities and furnished to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

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