March 21, 2024

Thomson Reuters Unveils Generative AI Solutions at SYNERGY 2024 Legal Conference in Sydney

SYDNEY, March 21, 2024 – Thomson Reuters (TSX/NYSE: TRI), a global content and technology company, today kicked off its inaugural SYNERGY Australia conference for legal professionals, showcasing generative AI solutions set to revolutionize the legal profession. The event brought together legal professionals, global partners, and thought leaders to explore the future of legal innovation.

"I'm thrilled about the wave of innovation reshaping legal technology, especially the game-changing potential of generative AI for Australian lawyers," says Jackie Rhodes, Managing Director of Asia and Emerging Markets at Thomson Reuters. "In an era marked by dynamic regulatory shifts and increasing globalization, our clients demand nothing short of trusted, reliable content and workflows. This foundation underpins our AI solutions, making us a steadfast partner to our customers in this pivotal moment for legal professionals."

Thomson Reuters Australia is delighted to announce at the conference leading law firms Maddocks, King Wood and Mallesons, Gilchrist Connell and MinterEllison have become Australia’s first innovative firms to adopt the new genAI assistant, CoCounsel.

The conference features insights into the transformative potential of AI in the legal sector and outlining Thomson Reuters' bold vision for the future and the critical role of AI in driving growth and efficiency within law firms and legal departments.

Key highlights from the day include:

  • Insights from Future of Professionals Report, APAC: Jackie Rhodes, Managing Director of Asia and Emerging Markets at Thomson Reuters will open the conference with insights from Thomson Reuters Australian Future of Professionals report, highlighting the increasing demand for AI among legal professionals. The report reveals that 64% of professionals believe AI will have a transformative impact on their profession in the next five years.
  • Introduction of AI Vision: David Wong, Chief Product Officer, will preview the future of the Thomson Reuters generative AI legal assistant. This genAI assistant will be integrated into Thomson Reuters' suite of legal products utilizing advanced AI and machine learning to streamline legal tasks such as drafting documents and conducting research. Integrated seamlessly into existing workflows, it will automate repetitive tasks, allowing legal professionals to focus on higher-value activities and deliver better outcomes for clients and stakeholders.
  • Product Launches: Product experts will also feature product demonstrations showcasing the power and potential of Thomson Reuters' AI solutions in action, unveiling three new generative AI solutions designed to enhance legal workflows and productivity. These include, an AI assistant already making impact in the legal community and recently launched in Australia. A new version of Westlaw will also be revealed, Westlaw Precision Australia, which incorporates genAI into Australia’s best known legal product brand, as well a forthcoming AI addition for popular Practical Law, called Ask Practical Law. Attendees will gain firsthand insights into how these innovative tools can streamline legal workflows, improve accuracy, and enhance overall productivity.
  • Brand Refresh: Thomson Reuters also announced a brand refresh, a visual reflection of its commitment to innovation and technology. The new brand identity emphasizes the company's role in clarifying complexity and empowering professionals to navigate the evolving regulatory landscape with confidence.

For more information about Thomson Reuters' AI solutions and its commitment to driving innovation in the legal sector, visit Thomson Reuters website.

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