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Special reports and thought leadership from Thomson Reuters on the big topics affecting our world.

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    Courts restrict visitors, alter schedules | Thomson Reuters

    In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, courts around the country have imposed restrictions and altered their schedules.

    Explainer - Here’s what Trump’s declaration of coronavirus emergency means | Thomson Reuters

    Here’s how the Stafford Act works and the powers the declaration unlocks.

    U.S. federal agencies take different paths on coronavirus | Thomson Reuters

    Federal agencies’ directives to workers on how to manage the risks of the disease vary widely,.

    AI predictions | Thomson Reuters

    To move beyond the hype and look to the immediate future, 10 Thomson Reuters technologists and innovators make their AI predictions for the year ahead.

    Top 100 Global Tech Leaders | Thomson Reuters

    Thomson Reuters analyzes 28 factors across 8 domains to identify the 2018 Top 100 tech companies.

    Subsector leaders | Thomson Reuters

    Using the same methodology as the Top 100 Global Energy Leaders project, Thomson Reuters names the top 25 companies in 4 energy subsectors.

    Top 100 global energy leaders | Thomson Reuters

    In an era that is redefining the energy industry, Thomson Reuters analyzes 20+ factors across 8 domains to identify the 2017 top 100.

    Document analysis | Thomson Reuters

    Professional knowledge work is often document-centric. This research project focuses on developing algorithms and tools to automate or machine-assist document review and analysis tasks.

    An introduction to artificial intelligence at Thomson Reuters | Thomson Reuters

    This is the story of AI @ TR, spanning our long history of contributions in this field of research, our current research projects, and the potential AI-enabled future of knowledge work.