October 1, 2023

Changes in the Supply Chain Ethical Code

Attention all supplier: Thomson Reuters has incorporated several changes to the Supply Chain Ethical Code.

Valued supplier,

We are delighted to share with you a significant update to our Supply Chain Ethical Code, effective from October 1st, 2023.

The Thomson Reuters Supply Chain Ethical Code is specifically designed for our esteemed suppliers globally, aiming to promote consistent standards of behavior and foster a collective commitment to ethical advancements throughout our supply chain.

This revision highlights Thomson Reuters' unwavering dedication to ethical practices and corporate responsibility. The update refines and expands our expectations for suppliers in crucial areas such as Worker Rights, Anti-bribery and Anti-corruption, Diversity and Inclusion, Environmental Sustainability, Supply Chain Diversity, Data Privacy and Security, Compliance, and more.

By implementing these recommendations, we collectively contribute to enhancing the effectiveness and integrity of the Supply Chain Ethical Code, ensuring its continual improvement and alignment with industry best practices.

We strongly encourage all our suppliers to familiarize themselves with these updates and seamlessly incorporate them into their processes.

The Supply Chain Ethical Code is available in 20 different languages and can be accessed here

Your commitment to these principles is highly appreciated, contributing to a responsible and sustainable supply chain.