December 10, 2020

Supplier Diversity & Sustainability Statement

In partnership with the Social Impact Institute and the Global Diversity and Inclusion teams, the Global Procurement organization at Thomson Reuters has put together the following corporate statement to officialize our position around Supplier Diversity & Sustainability:

At Thomson Reuters, we believe that by engaging in sustainability discussions and through implementing environmental checks in our supply chain, we will inspire our customers, investors and the community to promote efficient, sustainable practices themselves, and set targets in line with climate science. 

Thomson Reuters is committed to providing opportunities for diverse and sustainable businesses to prosper, by actively engaging suppliers that help us address the diverse needs of the global marketplace, and by promoting financial inclusion practices for the benefit of minority groups.

We expect companies seeking to do business with Thomson Reuters to demonstrate that the goods and services they provide to us come from sources that share and are committed to our values, such that their business practices are consistent with the needs and expectations of our customers, investors, and the global community we serve.

We have updated our Supply Chain Ethical Code to reflect the above. All our suppliers are expected to abide by the clauses in the code.