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The power of partnerships

Corporate Partnerships & Alliances Program

Partnership programs for corporate risk, legal, and tax departments

Why partner?

At Thomson Reuters we understand that in today’s dynamic business landscape, relationships not only matter, they are a key differentiator in the marketplace. The Thomson Reuters Partnership & Alliances Program connects our clients to world-class organizations, services, and products through a robust program designed to propel Thomson Reuters and its partners to heights impossible to achieve alone. 

Becoming a Thomson Reuters partner gives businesses access to the tools, resources, people, and innovation necessary to meet and exceed our clients’ evolving needs.

Partnership benefits


Recent partnerships

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Members of the Thomson Reuters Partnerships & Alliances program are experienced technology, services, and consulting organizations ready to innovate, collaborate, and help our corporate clients solve their most pressing business challenges. Whether you are a client in search of a partner to improve your capabilities or interested in becoming a partner to extend your business reach, the Partner directory is rich with opportunities.

Become a trusted resource for Thomson Reuters clients

Thomson Reuters supports a variety of partnership types and programs created to fit our clients’ and partners’ immediate needs, while also serving to help them scale and grow their businesses. Partners are encouraged to leverage all programs that align with their business goals. From every angle, we’ve got you covered.

Partner types

Marketing partner

Joint marketing and name association between Thomson Reuters and partner.


Organizations that provide critical technology, information, intellectual property, or potential disruptive technology that improves our offerings and/or creates a joint offering.

Technology integration

Organizations that integrate Thomson Reuters data or technology with the partner's products often using API technology to provide solutions to shared customers.


Organizations that provide a service to Thomson Reuters or a client, such as helping individual customers integrate Thomson Reuters products with the systems they already have.


Partners that refer sales leads to Thomson Reuters products; Thomson Reuters refers sales leads to partner's products.

Technology innovation

Early stage companies with potentially disruptive technology that Thomson Reuters has an interest in. Does not meet criteria to be full partners.


Organizations that independently resell our products or Thomson Reuters resells partner's product.


Organizations that engage with us to develop joint offerings, co-market, provide certifications, or refer our services. Highly strategic, longer term relationships that are not tactical in nature.

Find solutions that fit your business

Our comprehensive solutions work together to give companies both the tools and knowledge they need. Explore our products or contact us for more information today.

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