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Forefront, a quarterly newsletter with content written by our partners and distributed to our clients, provides a unique opportunity to connect with thousands of Thomson Reuters legal professional clients. The newsletter features non-commercial pieces that highlight trends, guidance, and other topics that are of educational value to our clients.

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Forefront Issue I 2022

  • Evolving role of CFO
  • eDiscovery 
  • Legal technology trends
  • Blockchain and property transactions

Forefront Issue IV 2021

  • Generate new business 
  • Future of electronic signatures
  • Building an IT roadmap
  • Security questions for cloud hosting

Forefront Issue III 2021

  • Trademark applications on the rise
  • ProLaw in the cloud guide
  • Microsoft 365 for legal tech
  • AI language skills

Forefront Issue II 2021

  • The rise of remote online notarization
  • Remote working survival guide
  • Streamlining accounts payables
  • Strategies for migrating from Enterprise to 3E

Forefront Issue I 2021

  • Digital marketing transformation
  • Improving the invoice-to-cash process with automation
  • Automating time entry
  • How law firms can build more business

Forefront Q3 2020

  • Fraud during the Pandemic
  • What You Need to Understand About Cloud Architecture, On-premises Systems, and Cloud Systems
  • Should Your Company Purchase or Pay a Subscription for Its IT Estate?
  • Virtual Law Office: Moving ProLaw to the Cloud

Forefront Q2 2020

  • Tackling the Rising Security Risks of Remote Working
  • Managed Services: The Most Efficient and Sustainable IT Staffing Strategy for Law Firms
  • The COVID-19 Impact on the Legal Industry
  • To Contract or Not to Contract: Proper Classification of Workers

Forefront Q1 2020

  • It’s Not A Legal Snowflake – Data Analytics + Legal Costs Prediction
  • Your Cloud Business Partner: What to Look for?
  • The Many Benefits of Automating 3E Testing
  • Is Your Law Firm Tracking the Right KPIs?

Forefront Q4 2019

  • Preparation Is the Best Protection for 1099 Filers
  • A Guide for Law Firms to Successfully Pass a Client Security Audit
  • All-aboard: Putting Employees at the Heart of the Digital Transformation Journey
  • What’s Your Number? A Brief Look at the Harsh Realities of Non-searchable Content for Lawyers

Forefront Q3 2019

  • One in Five Digital Transformation Projects Fail
  • Understanding U.S. Sanctions and Law Firms
  • The Rise of Client Value Management in the Business of Law
  • Law Firm Online Marketing – Five Proven Strategies to Get More Clients

Forefront Q2 2019

  • Risk Management Keeps Evolving. Is Your Firm Ready for the Next Threat?
  • How and Why to Move ProLaw to the Cloud
  • The Benefits of Being an Early Legal Tech Adopter
  • The Practice Management System—The Asset Under-exploited by Risk and Compliance

Forefront Q1 2019

  • The Changing Legal Landscape for IT Professionals
  • The 10 Commitments for Project Success
  • Taking the Pain out of Digital Transformation
  • How Millennials Are Reshaping the Conveyancing Sector

Forefront Q4 2018

  • [BL(P1] ProLaw in the Cloud – Seven Frequently Asked Questions
  • Alphabet Soup – IT Security In and Out of the Cloud
  • Six Steps to Artificial Intelligence Implementation
  • Effective eMarketing – Processes & Procedures for Efficient Email Campaigns

Forefront Special Edition II 2018

  • Playing by the Rules: Why Configurability is Key in Expense Management Choice
  • Go Beyond the Redline: Three Ways Using Track Changes Can Make All the Difference
  • Why Law Firms Should and Shouldn't Use the Public Cloud
  • Your Five-a-day to Keep Those Holiday Blues at Bay

Forefront Q3 2018 Edition

  • How to Impact Law Firm Profit: The Vanity, Sanity, and Reality of Tomorrow’s Practice
  • CRM Success Steps and Strategies: Part 2 – Implementation and Ongoing Support
  • When It Comes to Data Privacy, Employees are the Biggest Threat
  • Next-gen Expense Management Technology: What Are Users Looking For?

Forefront Q2 2018 Edition

  • Three Questions to Ask When Creating the IT Platform for Your New Software
  • GDPR: The Elephant in the Room?
  • I’m Not Paying for That! Solving the Surcharge Dilemma
  • Why Document Scanning Workflows Should Be Automated

Forefront Special Edition I 2018

  • How to Successfully Test Your 3E Implementation
  • Preparing Your Firm for Disaster
  • The Truth About Legal Timekeeping
  • Using ProLaw in the Cloud

Forefront Q1 2018 Edition

  • What Integration Should, and Should Never, Be
  • What Are You Doing to Eliminate Spreadsheet Risk and Spreadsheet Cost?
  • How to Break Up with Your Bank and Stay Friends
  • Multichannel Versus Omnichannel: The Blow-by-Blow Guide

Forefront Q4 2017 Edition

  • How OCR Can Solve Your Hidden Data Problem
  • 5 Tips to Help You Determine if the Cloud is Right for Your Practice
  • Succession Planning: The Problem with Procrastination
  • Using a Matter Pricing Policy to Improve Your Client Relationships

Forefront Q3 2017 Edition

  • How Payment-over-time Models Can Ease Cybersecurity Strain
  • 7 Tips for Following Up with Unpaid Bills
  • Timekeeping's Role in Workload Management
  • How to Get the Most out of B2B Relationship Marketing in the Cloud Era

Forefront Q2 2017 Edition

  • The Solution to the Hidden Data Problem You Don’t Know You Have
  • Culture Differences in Business Intelligence
  • How Firms are Implementing Click-To-Pay Technology
  • The Right People: A Pillar of Success in Business Technology

Forefront Q1 2017 Edition

  • Five Tips for Successful Trust Account Management
  • Security Is Still the Biggest Technology Challenge for Law Firms
  • Why It's Now Time for Law Firms to Move into the Cloud
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity: Four Essential Steps for Building a Solid Plan

Forefront Q4 2016 Edition

  • How Your Firm Can Use Data to Make Better Financial Decisions
  • Are Law Firms’ Cloud Security Fears Misplaced?
  • The Dos and Don’ts of Subject Lines
  • Financing the Future

Forefront Q3 2016 Edition

  • Why Streamlined Expense Management Is So Important for Law Firms
  • Digital for All, Now!
  • The Trouble with Training
  • What Is the Cost of Delay for Upgrading Your Firm’s Infrastructure?

Forefront Q2 2016 Edition

  • The Growth of Email Readership on Mobile Devices
  • Five Essential Steps for a Successful Software Upgrade
  • Ten Ways to Reduce Expense Fraud
  • Adapting to the New Legal Landscape

Forefront Q1 2016 Edition

  • How Telecommuting Powered by the Cloud Is Going to Help Your Firm
  • Law Firms: Don't Confuse Subscription with SaaS
  • Cost Accounting - The New Reality in the Legal Industry
  • Attacking Costs

Forefront Q4 2015 Edition

  • Financial Strategies in a Fluctuating Legal Market
  • Leading in the Age of Disruption
  • Guiding Principles: Planning and Executing Successful Transformation
  • More to Metadata Management than Cleaning

Forefront Q3 2015 Edition

  • Content Security – Protecting ALL of Your Firm's Valuable Content
  • Rolling with IT
  • Cloud Computing Due Diligence: A Checklist for Law Firms
  • The Law Firm – A Story of Time Gone By

Forefront Q2 2015 Edition

  • Making ProLaw Hum in 2015
  • 3 Recent Technology Threats that Matter Most
  • Automation Tools are Critical Enables of BPM
  • 5 Ways to Make Business Development More Successful

Forefront Q1 2015 Edition

  • Cloud or On-premise Software Solution? A Quick Guide to Make the Right Decision
  • Targeting the Right Audience for Your Events
  • 7 Habits of Highly Effective Timekeepers
  • OCR Technology – Ensuring All Your Content Is Searchable

Forefront Q4 2014 Edition

  • Are You Mobilizing?
  • Five Benefits of Collections Automation
  • Time for a Timekeeping Audit
  • FAQ: The Top 5 Questions about Cloud Computing

Forefront Q3 2014 Edition

  • A Market Shift toward Integrated Searching
  • Practical Ways to Get Your Entire Firm Pulling for Profitability
  • 7 Reasons Why Time Entry Should be a Top Priority for All Firms
  • The Power of Decentralization

Forefront Q2 2014 Edition

  • Top 5 Reasons Why Your Firm Should Take Credit Cards
  • Practical Ways to Use Voice Productivity Technology for a Better Law Practice
  • ProLaw Done Right
  • Globalization and the International Payment Process

Forefront Q1 2014 Edition

  • The Top 5 Questions You Need to Ask Your IT Consultancy Firm – Before You Hire Them
  • Lessons and Best Practices for Vendors and Lessors at LegalTech
  • #ServiceFirst 10 Commandments
  • Do It Now: Five Benefits of Contemporaneous Time Entry

Note: Thomson Reuters reserves the right to change the terms of the Partner Program without notice.

Disclaimer: Thomson Reuters reserves the right to change the terms of the Partner Program without notice.