Conrad J. Jacoby, Esq.

Conrad J. Jacoby, Esq.

Founder / efficientEDD

Conrad is the founder of efficientEDD, a vendor-neutral consultancy focusing on technology and its intersection with the law, and an attorney and consultant who provides technology and e-discovery counseling to a diverse range of clients.

A technologist before entering the practice of law, Conrad’s broad knowledge of computer operations gives him both vocabulary and substantive knowledge to effectively communicate with both technical and legal professionals, ensuring that important nuances are properly conveyed in both directions.

Over the course of his legal career, he has assisted pharmaceutical manufacturers, petroleum companies, internet-based enterprises, and numerous law firms in transactional, intellectual property, and litigation matters.

This article represents the personal opinions of Mr. Jacoby and does not constitute an official position held by any of Mr. Jacoby’s clients or employers.

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