Rose D. Ors

Rose D. Ors

CEO of ClientSmart

Rose is a storyteller whose work celebrates people, ideas and movements. Each story she tells is designed to inform, influence and inspire her audience — the people who read her articles and interviews, listen to her speak, and in the Fall, attend her online classes.

Rose’s columns — Upfront & Personal, Curious Minds, and On Leadership — appear monthly on the Thomson Reuters Institute. She is a Fellow at Berkeley Law’s Executive Education Program where writes the Voices in Sustainability column for the Business in Society Institute. Rose also pens in-depth pieces for the school’s Women in Business Law Initiative on topics ranging from wellness in the legal industry, to gender parity, to cracking the glass ceiling.

Rose is a study in the power of creative reinvention. Since graduating from Berkeley Law School in 1983, she has practiced law, led the sales effort at a large law firm, launched two successful businesses inside and outside the legal industry, and served on a several non-profit boards.

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