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New podcast: Combating the lack of diversity within legal with collaboration

Natalie Runyon  Director / ESG content & Advisory Services / Thomson Reuters Institute

· 1 minute read

Natalie Runyon  Director / ESG content & Advisory Services / Thomson Reuters Institute

· 1 minute read

In our latest podcast, we talk to leaders at AIG and Goodwin about the legal industry’s efforts to increase diversity, equity & inclusion in the workplace

The need for the legal industry to address issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the workplace touches on numerous areas, from hiring and recruitment, to retention, promotion, and the ability to offer clients a wider range of diverse perspectives on legal matters.

In a new podcast on the Thomson Reuters Institute Market Insights channel, top officers at AIG and Goodwin discuss how the legal industry is approaching its need to increase DEI and what roles both law firms and corporate legal departments can play.

You can listen to the full podcast with top executives from AIG and Goodwin here.

Natalie Runyon, director of enterprise content on talent and inclusion topics for the Thomson Reuters Institute, delves further into this topic by interviewing Lucy Fato, executive vice president, general counsel, and global head of Communications and Government Affairs at AIG; and Theresa DeLoach, director of Client Development for the Financial Industry Group at Goodwin.

The two discuss how to increase DEI within the legal industry and the important role that collaboration between corporate legal departments and their external law firms can play in achieving more equitable work assignments and diversity of thought. Also, they look at the relationship between executive leadership compensation and efforts to drive further DEI initiatives.

In addition, the discussion dives deeper into recent commitments that both AIG and Goodwin have made to increase the representation of lawyers from underrepresented group, and Goodwin’s launch of its anti-racism task force.

Episode transcript.

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