Mar 06, 2023 |

A new mom’s three tips for returning from parental leave to a new role

Haley, Regional HR Solutions Lead

I recently came back from parental leave to a new role as a Regional HR Solutions Lead on our US Regional Human Resources team.

I wasn’t expecting to continue accelerating my career during one of my biggest life moments.  Yet, Thomson Reuters has a supportive and human-centric culture which allowed me to navigate this transition with excitement and ambition.

Balancing all the ‘firsts’ at home with a newborn and all new ‘firsts’ at work in a new role gave me a whole new perspective.

Here are three tips for returning from parental leave to a new role:

Give yourself grace and flexibility

Keep your expectations high, yet give yourself grace. Learn, ask questions, and don’t put pressure on yourself to be the expert.  Lean into the flexibility that new routines require.  Be kind to yourself and be proud that you’ve promoted yourself as a parent and as a professional at a time of immense change and learning.

Show up + ask questions

Show-up every day and be present.  Be intentional about conversations and interactions. Listen and then ask questions about what’s happened, how things have changed, and where we are going.

Rely on your network

Lean into your support network, ask for help, and partner on deliverables.  Acknowledge the days your brain is fogged, and you need reinforcement from teammates.  It’s incredible to look around you and feel supported and encouraged by those around you.

Being a parent is the most rewarding job.  Being a working parent with the support, benefits, and flexibility that Thomson Reuters offers is something I’m most grateful for.  One day, one task, one deep breath at a time — celebrate the milestones and memories along the way!