Jul 09, 2024 |

Celebrating Sustainable Impact at IMPACTathon 2024

Natália Gresenberg

At Thomson Reuters, we believe pro bono has the power to not only enrich our own professional lives but truly transform communities. This May, we hosted our fourth annual IMPACTathon, marking another milestone in our commitment to harnessing our collective skills for social good. Over the course of a week, 165 employees dedicated more than 975 hours which is valued at over $214,500 USD* in pro bono consulting.  Our employees teamed up as pro bono consultants to support 39 nonprofit organizations from six countries across the world, achieving remarkable outcomes and hacking solutions for challenges in Communications, Data Analytics, Finance, Leadership Development, Marketing, Strategy, and more.  

Key Outcomes 

A key objective of the IMPACTathon is that our nonprofit partners walk away with a deliverable that is both implementable and sustainable, supporting the goal of strengthening their infrastructure and increasing their ability to deliver on their missions. This year, we are proud to share that 93% of nonprofit participants anticipate that the deliverable will provide significant learning to their organization and staff, and that 90% of nonprofit participants anticipate that the deliverable will enhance their organizational capabilities. As exemplified by Kate Moss, CEO of Vranch House in the UK, “The impact this work will have on our charity is endless – it was so motivating, and it felt so supportive to have such professionals help in an area in which we are not experts.” 

Pro bono proves to be a win-win across the board – nonprofits gain insight from functional-area experts that they may not otherwise have the expertise, capacity, or budget to accomplish on their own; on the flip side, we hear over and over from our consultants that it not only felt rewarding to give back, but 85% state they valued the opportunity to gain new insights, apply their professional skills in a new context, and even enhance their leadership skills such as adaptability and strategic thinking because of the project.  

As expressed by Prisca Acham, Programme Admin at Thomson Reuters Foundation, “It was truly enlightening to observe the different dynamics at play as the two teams worked diligently to navigate the challenges and ultimately arrive at innovative solutions. As the session concluded, the impact of the meeting became strikingly apparent. The collective effort and dedication resulted in a truly remarkable outcome. I am incredibly grateful to have been part of such a transformative experience.”  

Sustainable Solutions 

Impressive results as a standalone event itself, this year’s outcomes also showcase the enduring benefits of the IMPACTathon through recurring participation from both dedicated employees and trusting nonprofit organizations. As volunteers return year after year, they bring with them a deepening understanding of the nonprofit sector’s unique challenges and opportunities, enabling them to deliver more nuanced and effective solutions. Similarly, nonprofit organizations that have participated more than once benefit from the continuity of support, allowing them to build upon previous projects, refine strategies, and implement long-term improvements. 

Over the past four years, 63 employees and 23 nonprofit organizations have participated in at least two IMPACTathons, with 95% of this year’s total participant pool interested in returning. This year alone, for instance, one organization that participated in the past returned this year for three separate projects within three different functional areas, strengthening foundational aspects across their organization to align on a cohesive leadership strategy.  

Additionally, two employees returned to support the same nonprofit they supported last year, expanding off their former work to help the nonprofit reach the next phase of their Change Management Strategy. Sharing on behalf of her team, Sweta, Talent Development Lead at Thomson Reuters, exclaimed, “Just like last year, it was incredibly rewarding. To be able to take time out of my work week to give back with my colleagues brings us together, fills our cups, and helps us do some social good.” 

Ultimately, this repeat engagement creates a cumulative effect, where each successive year’s efforts are informed by past successes and lessons learned, resulting in more substantial and sustainable improvements for the participating nonprofits and driving greater positive change in the communities they serve. Stated best by three-time participant, Robin Taylor, Executive Director of Lawyers Without Borders, “The IMPACTathon draws on the company’s greatest asset: highly competent, innovative, and empathetic employees. The IMPACTathon is a testament to the power of collective action in driving meaningful change.” 

We look forward to continuing the momentum at next year’s IMPACTathon as we carve out opportunities to maintain sustainable growth, extend our positive impact, and further our pursuit of access to justice, truth, and transparency. 

View the 2024 IMPACTathon Impact Report to take a closer look at our outcomes. 

*Pro bono valuation is calculated by using the average hourly value for pro bono service ($220 USD per hour), as referenced by the Taproot Foundation.