Feb 27, 2024 |

Innovation and Inclusivity: Black History Month Reflections

Throughout February, we celebrate Black History Month in the U.S. and Canada. This year’s theme at Thomson Reuters was Unleashing the Power of Black Innovators. The Black Employee Network curated an enriching lineup of sessions and learnings for our teammates to celebrate and delve deeper into the history, achievements, and contributions of Black people in the U.S. and Canada. We also had the opportunity to speak with six members of the Black Employee Network to learn about what this month means to them and how they innovate in their role at Thomson Reuters.

Darrell, Senior Legal Writer, United States

“Black History Month is about celebrating the unsung and calling out their contributions. It serves as a collective acknowledgment of our nation’s past, particularly the thornier parts, to avoid making similar mistakes in the future. To that point, it is also about charting a path forward where there is room for us all to succeed. I joined the Black Employee Network in search of opportunities to serve as a resource in the community. What I found is that and more. In addition to volunteering and other forms of community engagement, the business resource group has proven vital to my career development – and has been a catalyst for shifting my overall perspective on organizational culture.

Darrell smiling while wearing a brown suit jacket and white dress shirt.

In my role, I innovate mainly by remaining malleable and prioritizing learning and experimentation. Our Content Strategy and Editorial team has the luxury of experimenting with the substance and form of the content we create to find what adds the most value for customers. Making decisions informed by past experiences but also being aware of ever-present changes has and will continue to give rise to progress.”

Wendy, Senior Marketing Automation Specialist, Canada

“Black History Month is an opportunity to uplift Black peoples voices, not only in sharing our history but also in honoring our contributions and achievements in economic, cultural, and social growth. As a remote employee, I wanted a way to connect with teammates who share similar backgrounds and life experiences. Today, as co-lead of the Black Employee Network Canada chapter, I recognize how valuable business resource groups can be in providing a sense of belonging among diverse employees and can help them feel more connected.

Wendy smiling and wearing a white tank top. In my position in Marketing Operations, I drive innovation by leveraging AI features and functionalities within the automation platform we use. This platform empowers the marketing team to automate backend processes, optimizing the customer experience. Through ongoing analysis, we can tailor the customer journey at every stage of the pipeline, ensuring a more personalized approach.”

Courtney, Associate Product Manager, Canada

“Black History Month is a time for reflection, celebration, and continuous learning. For me, joining the Black Employee Network is a chance for Black employees and allies (I prefer the term partners) to share ideas, uplift each other, and help each other grow our careers in an environment that allows every voice to be heard. Innovation is a critical component of my daily role as I am part of the team working on bringing AI-assisted research to Canadian customers.”

Courtney wearing glasses and a black shirt.Kteba, Senior Attorney Editor, United States

“Black History Month is a dedicated time to combat false narratives and non-narratives (omitting or downplaying the contributions of Black people). It’s a time to share our ideas and contributions with everyone. This year, we are focusing on innovation – specifically Black innovators in the past, present, and future. I became a member of the Black Employee Network at Thomson Reuters due to my interest in volunteer opportunities, events, and various programming the group offered. Connecting with people from different departments has been so fulfilling, and I am now honored to serve as the co-lead of the DC and Virtual chapter.

Kteba smiling wearing glasses and a headband.

I innovate in my role by finding ways to expand what legal products we offer and how we offer it. That led to my inclusion in the Editorial AI Integration specialist team – established to develop ways to integrate AI into workflows across the editorial function. Finding better ways to do things excites me, and I’m happy that Thomson Reuters has created these opportunities.”

Shambrie, Product Support Associate II, United States

“Black History Month is symbolic of power to me. It’s an acknowledgment of the people who have influenced my ancestry and those who resemble me. Being a woman of color makes me feel honored to remember those who battled, marched, and endured imprisonment to stand up for what they believed in. It combines the meanings of excellence, pain, joy, triumph, and courage. I joined to belong to a community of individuals who share my appearance and are committed to advancing and transforming the working world. Establishing a network and forging lasting connections were also important to me. The Black Employee Network gives me a sense of belonging to a group that understands and shares similar experiences. Through sponsorship, mentoring, and active participation, I contribute to a group dedicated to fostering positive changes and advancements for people of color in the workplace.”

Shambrie wearing a red jacket and heart earrings.

Thanks to Darrell, Wendy, Courtney, Kteba, and Shambrie for sharing their reflections on Black History Month. To learn more about the Black Employee Network, read our Inside Thomson Reuters blog. Our commitment to inclusivity extends beyond February as we strive to uplift the voices and perspectives within the Black community year-round.