Apr 05, 2023 |

The Thomson Reuters Social Impact Institute hosts our third annual IMPACTathon

Kellie Wellman, Senior Director, Social Impact Institute

In celebration of Global Volunteer Month in April, the Thomson Reuters Social Impact Institute is excited to host the third annual IMPACTathon from April 24-28, 2023. Over the past two years, this innovative cross-sector program has successfully harnessed our teammates’ skills for the greater good, making a lasting impact on nonprofits worldwide. This year, we’re scaling up our efforts to support over 40 nonprofits across the globe.

What is IMPACTathon?

The IMPACTathon is a week-long series of 5-hour hackathons held across the world, connecting our teammates with nonprofits in need of capacity-building support. By volunteering time pro bono, our teammates will work alongside their peers to develop tangible solutions that address the unique challenges faced by these organizations.





Our mission with the IMPACTathon is to foster leadership and development opportunities across Thomson Reuters, while deepening our relationships with nonprofit partners who share our commitment to access to justice, truth, and transparency.

This year, we’ve identified a diverse range of nonprofits in need of assistance in various areas, including marketing, human resources, technology, and business strategy. It is an incredible opportunity to not only contribute to a meaningful cause, but expand our skillsets.

How IMPACTathon makes a difference

In 2022, IMPACTathon concluded our Global Volunteer Month celebrations by extending support to 17 nonprofit organizations across the United States, Canada, India, and the Philippines. More than 70 teammates served as pro bono consultants sharing their communications, sales, public relations, operations, marketing, strategy, human resources, and technology expertise. Much of the work focused on helping the organizations develop necessary capacity-building tools to enhance their own ability in areas not typically funded by foundation grants and individual donors.

Employees volunteered over 560 hours totaling more than $110,000 worth in pro bono consulting services with an average of $6,400 per non-profit in just five hours. Furthermore, 79% of nonprofits reported that their IMPACTathon project deliverables would strengthen their infrastructure – a huge achievement for a relatively small investment of time.





The IMPACTathon is a testament to the power of collaboration and the positive change that can be achieved when we join forces for the greater good. By leveraging our collective expertise, we can help nonprofits overcome their challenges and ultimately create a better world for all.

We’re excited to share the results of our 2023 IMPACTathon – stay tuned to see how we helped make a difference this year!