Jul 04, 2022 |

Thomson Reuters expands Work from Anywhere benefit, announces sabbatical program

Mary Alice Vuicic, Chief People Officer

Throughout the pandemic, we saw survey after survey showing employees across sectors feeling burned out and striving for greater balance and flexibility. In fact, a recent study of workers in the United States by The Conference Board found that work pressures are so great that half of the respondents said work demands are taking a bigger toll on their mental health than COVID-19.

Thomson Reuters has always been a leader in work-life balance, and, as we emerge from the pandemic and establish new norms for hybrid working, we are committed to strengthening our leadership position in flexibility and wellbeing. In fact, they are foundational building blocks to supporting our employees and attracting talent.

In February, we launched Flex My Way, our supportive workplace policy to further put the wellbeing of our employees front and centre. We’re now building on the early success of Flex My Way and introducing new global benefits. These include:

  • An expanded Work from Anywhere policy to include international destinations beyond an employee’s home country. Beginning July 1, employees can now work up to four weeks of their eight-week annual allowance outside of their country of employment.
  • A new sabbatical program, launching on September 15, that provides employees the opportunity to take up to six months of unpaid leave every five years. Employees with at least three years of service at Thomson Reuters will be eligible.

These new benefits enhance our Flex My Way program, launched initially with our Work from Anywhere program in country, caregiver paid time off, and enhanced bereavement benefits. This follows steps we took in 2021, with the introduction of a second annual global mental health paid holiday and the signing of the Mindful Business Charter.

Stepping back and thinking about this Great Reflection period, there is no one lever to pull to help employees thrive both personally and professionally. Employees know this and are looking beyond compensation to seek employers providing flexibility, prioritizing wellbeing and mental health, delivering growth and development opportunities, embracing diversity and inclusion, and creating an opportunity to work towards a higher purpose.

Enhancing our Flex My Way benefits package to include an expanded Work from Anywhere policy and introducing a new sabbatical program is part of this broader commitment.