Aug 14, 2023 |

Thomson Reuters internship experience: Meet a few of our 2023 interns

This summer, we welcomed over 80 interns in North America, supporting a variety of business functions globally. We had the opportunity to ask several of them what they liked most about working at Thomson Reuters. Continue reading to learn more about what it’s like to be part of our campus program.

Hridik, Software Engineering Intern, Carrollton, Texas.

Hridik smiling with his arms crossed wearing a blue dress shirt.

“One thing that has surprised me about working at Thomson Reuters so far is the level of responsibility and trust that the company places in their interns. Despite being new to the company, I have been given impactful projects and have been tasked with solving interesting problems, which have helped me develop my skills and contribute to meaningful initiatives. It’s truly empowering to be entrusted with important tasks and treated as a valuable team member.

Currently, I’m engaged in an exciting migration project with the ONESOURCE tax provision team. My involvement in the migration project improves the user experience and efficiency of the ONESOURCE tax provision application. This, in turn, enables accurate and timely provision of tax information, aiding customer decision-making. Contributing to enhancing critical software is how I help inform the way forward.”

Jordyn, Sales Intern, Ann Arbor

Jordyn sitting inside a cafe smiling while wearing a beige sweater.

“Being a Thomson Reuters intern has been the best experience. The people are amazing and always willing to help you grow and learn. I’ve enjoyed networking and receiving advice from sales professionals.”

Joli, Marketing Intern, Minneapolis–Saint Paul

Joli standing in a hallway and smiling while wearing a white dress shirt with a sailboat pattern.

“One of the standout aspects of my time here at Thomson Reuters has been the remarkable sense of community among interns. It’s pleasantly surprising how effortlessly we’ve connected, a testament to the company’s commitment to fostering a tight-knit work environment. I appreciate the social outings and support systems the campus program provides us, as it allows us to develop meaningful connections with one another. As a Thomson Reuters intern, I’ve also had the opportunity to connect with people from various departments and ask questions about their roles and responsibilities. Everybody I have met at Thomson Reuters has been supportive and kind, and I appreciate having the chance to learn about people’s unique journeys within the company. My favorite projects include writing email campaigns showcasing generative AI in Thomson Reuters products, creating videos introducing FindLaw products to potential sales reps, and tracking campaign performance.” 

Ryan, Marketing Intern, Minneapolis–Saint Paul

Ryan standing outside smiling while wearing a dark blue t-shirt. “My favorite part about being a Thomson Reuters intern is the people. I’ve had such a great experience meeting both fellow interns and full-time employees. Everyone has been very kind, welcoming, and helpful.”

Sneha, software engineering intern

Sneha smiling while standing outside wearing a black shirt.

“Thomson Reuters interns are trusted with projects that have a real impact on customers. In my case, our team’s project involved capturing, storing, and analyzing client feedback to gain insights and make data-driven decisions for enhancing the user experience of one of Thomson Reuters’ ONESOURCE tax products. We worked on various aspects of the project, including improving the user interface, implementing the API and database on the backend, and visualizing data by creating a dashboard.

My time as a software engineer at Thomson Reuters has provided me with immense knowledge about the tech industry, offering continuous learning opportunities and the ability to provide solutions. I want to express my sincere gratitude to everyone who supported me throughout my internship journey.”

Claire, Customer Success Intern, Ann Arbor

Claire standing and smiling with two Thomson Reuters teammates in front of a blue background.

“I enjoy the variability that interning at Thomson Reuters provides me. Whether working with the marketing team or customer success executives, I like collaborating with people from different backgrounds and departments to learn from them as I work on my projects. As an intern, I was surprised to find that there are so many people at Thomson Reuters, even outside of my business area, who are willing to set aside time on their calendars to answer any questions I have regarding projects or their roles in the company.”

Mikhail, Software Engineer Intern, Toronto

Mikhail sitting in his living room and working on a laptop.

“My favorite part of being a Thomson Reuters intern is the opportunity to work in an innovative and friendly environment with plenty of fun events and activities. I feel excited about coming to the office to collaborate with my teammates.”

Kamryn, Tax Analyst Intern, Ann Arbor

A woman kicking a soccer ball on a soccer field

“Throughout my internship so far, I have really enjoyed all of the learning opportunities that Thomson Reuters offers. I have been attending master classes and listening to guest speakers, helping me develop professionally and personally. My work as a Tax Analyst Intern contributes to Thomson Reuters’ overarching purpose of fostering a more understanding and trusting world for all. As part of my responsibilities, I diligently test our tax software and ensure it’s smooth and efficient. One thing that has surprised me about working at Thomson Reuters so far is the flexibility. I have enjoyed the hybrid model, where I can work from home while also going into the office to collaborate with my team.”

Shweta, Software Engineer Intern, Carrollton

Shweta smiling while wearing a dark suit jacket.

“My favorite part about being a Thomson Reuters intern is the focus on learning. Starting my internship, I was unfamiliar with certain technologies. However, my teammates have helped by encouraging me to ask questions and take time for independent study.”

We want to thank all our interns for their contributions this summer and for choosing Thomson Reuters! Looking for an internship in 2024? Check out our current opportunities here.