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The Thomson Reuters Institute: Insights, Thought Leadership & Engagement

· 5 minute read

· 5 minute read

Today we are pleased to launch the Thomson Reuters Institute, which will bring together people from across the Legal, Corporates, Tax & Accounting, and Government communities to ignite conversation, participate in and analyze industry-defining trends, and provide essential guidance on the opportunities and challenges facing their world today.

Further, the Thomson Reuters Institute blog will feature blog posts, commentary, insight, and thought leadership pieces highlighting the latest trends and developments in the areas of Legal, Tax & Accounting, Corporates, and Government. In addition to blog posts, white papers, and proprietary research, industry professionals gain live and on-demand access to conferences, webinars, podcasts and videos with colleagues and thought leaders from across the globe.

Thomson Reuters occupies a unique space in the markets we serve — the intersection of all participants.

Our coverage will drill down deeply into each area of focus. For example, our Corporates coverage will include content addressing corporate law departments; corporate tax departments; compliance & risk; and global trade management. Similarly, our Government coverage will be broken into areas of courts & justice; risk, fraud & compliance; law schools & academics; and public safety & security.

Our greatly expanded Tax & Accounting coverage will be spilt into sections concerning business development & marketing; client services; practice management; talent & culture; and tech & innovation. And our Legal coverage will transport readers to the Legal Executive Institute which continues to engage our legal audience by providing industry-leading analysis and insight.

“This is an exciting time for our organization” says Mike Abbott, Vice President of Market Insights & Thought Leadership at Thomson Reuters. “Thomson Reuters occupies a unique space in the markets we serve — the intersection of all participants. We’re fortunate for the opportunity to bring the parties together, facilitate discussion, share insights, and help shape the direction of these markets.”

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