Breaking news! Intern at Reuters biggest European bureau

Spend your summer interning in Gdansk, Poland with the biggest European bureau of the world's largest multimedia news provider!

Do you want to learn journalism at the world’s largest independent, international, multimedia news agency, working alongside our most seasoned reporters and editors?

Apply to our three-month internship, where you will collaborate in a dynamic, fast-paced newsroom, with over 100 passionate, driven journalists from over 30 countries, delivering news in seven different languages to over a billion people daily. Gain experience reporting on important economic data and company news published in real-time across European markets, gain knowledge of Thomson Reuters products, and receive professional training resources and mentorship.

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What’s it like #WorkingAtTR?  

“A great opportunity to develop the career to a next level by working with the best journalists and learning the rigor of building stories that matter.”

– Michael Susin, News Reporter, Spain and Portugal

“Gdansk newsroom is buzzing every day not only with important business news but also with a unique energy coming from creative and dedicated team, rich with experience that they bring from almost every European country you could imagine.”

– Anna Jaworska-Guidotti, Learning Editor

What Makes the Gdansk Bureau a Great Place to Learn?  

The Reuters Gdansk bureau, based in Alchemia Business Center, acts as a backbone for Reuters European news operation.

Financial professionals around the world rely on Reuters reporters in Gdansk to deliver split-second headlines and news about the most important corporate releases and economic data from across 22 European countries, working with multiple foreign languages. We have to get the facts out first – and they must be right.

Reporting teams in Gdansk also translate international news from English into other European languages and combine those stories with videos or photographs and prepare news packages ready for online publication by our clients.

 Our reporters and translators also work alongside world-class talent in other departments, including:

The Pictures desk edits and publishes images filed by Reuters photographers around the globe, often straight from their cameras while shooting; they cover all types of breaking news, from sports, natural disasters, conflicts, and local stories worldwide.

In the Video Team, our producers deliver real-time news coverage from Central Eastern Europe, Baltics, and Balkans to more than 1,000 broadcasters and hundreds of digital outlets around the world. From the planning phase through to the production work, our producers monitor and cover breaking and developing general news stories and compiles daily regional service. Working closely with Output editors in London, members of the Gdansk Video team regularly process stories from elsewhere in Europe, Middle East, and Africa.

Find out what it’s like to be a #TRIntern at Reuters and learn journalism from our world-class talent. Apply for our Reuters Journalism Internship here.