Get to know our Early Careers Network: An employee-led group for professionals starting their careers at Thomson Reuters

As early professionals begin their careers, a number of questions, concerns and curiosities begin mounting.

Should I speak up? How do I say ‘no’? Am I taking on too much? How do I challenge the status quo?

Often, the answers to these questions seem nearly impossible to find, leaving early career professionals (who are often new to an organization) second-guessing themselves. Not knowing where to find the answers needed, can be overwhelming. Where professionals who are just starting out go to network with peers, share their experiences and find answers they’re searching for?

Overview of the Early Careers Network

The Early Careers Network (ECN) is an employee-led Business Resource Group (BRG) that provides early professionals at Thomson Reuters the resources and connections to have these conversations. The ECN provides a welcoming environment to discuss experiences and to learn from others in a similar stage of career and life.

Our mission is to develop and equip our emerging talent with the skills to take control of their career development, build their network, reach their potential and become the leaders of tomorrow. All are welcome, including those early in their career, those in new roles and those who manage or work with early career professionals.

Erica Ascher, Communications Coordinator at Reuters and Chair of the Early Careers Network – New York chapter, shares her thoughts on what joining the ECN can do for your career.

“At Thomson Reuters, there are so many knowledgeable people, there is so much information to learn. The ECN is the place to be able to absorb that information, learn new skills, learn new tools and network.”

By connecting with others from different functions at Thomson Reuters such as finance, marketing or sales to name a few, exposes you to career opportunities across the business. Learning what it’s like working within different functions widens your perspective and can lead to a potential career move. Internal mobility is encouraged at Thomson Reuters, where the career opportunities are vast. 

Whether it’s wanting to learn more about other career opportunities at the company, meeting others who are also early in their careers or wanting to gain the necessary knowledge to navigate a global company like Thomson Reuters, the ECN provides resources and connections for employees to find what they need to take charge of their careers. 

“The collaboration that you get across different functions, different areas, different departments, even people in different countries is so valuable. They offer great opportunities for me to give back to those who did not have the opportunity that I had to network and learn.”

A barrier, Erica and other ECN leaders are wanting to overcome, is the expectation that members must be young to take part in events and meetings.

“There is no age limit.” said Erica. 

“It’s a great opportunity as a young professional, whether you’re new to the organization or new to your career, to get a head start on becoming the best professional that you can possibly be.”

While majority of members are a community of early careers professionals, chapters also consist of many tenured employees looking to learn how they can work with those who are in their early career stages.  “We actually have a couple of leaders who have been with TR for 20-30 years, join to learn how they can be the best manager to early career professionals and take advantage of the opportunities they didn’t have when they first started at Thomson Reuters.”

When asked to describe the Early Careers Network experience, Erica summed it up with “It’s you taking charge of your career.” 

Activities and Events Around the Globe

With 11 Chapters around the world (Ann Arbor, Dallas, Minneapolis, New York, San Francisco, London, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Manila and Singapore), the Early Careers Network prepares early career professionals on a global scale. 

In amidst of the pandemic, chapters around the world shifted to virtual meetings allowing members to join in even if there is not a chapter within their geographical location. Erica and the New York Chapter have embraced the virtual environment and welcomed members from across the east coast in monthly meetings.

Throughout the year, the chapters around the world plan events catered towards topics of interest to early professionals. Past events include leader speaker series, mock interview and resume building sessions, networking events, internal conferences, career fairs, volunteer events, social events and so much more.


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New York, GIVE Week 2015


Dallas, Youth Soccer Program

Singapore, Launch

Minneapolis – Saint Paul, Ignite Event

San Francisco,  Junior Achievement Social Innovation Day

Who can join? 

All current Thomson Reuters employee are welcome, whether it’s those early in their career, those in new roles, those who manage or work with early career professionals, or those just looking to get involved and gain the skills that the Early Careers Network offers .

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