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Meet our team #WorkingAtTR in Minneapolis

In our Minnesota campus, we have over 5,000 talented teammates. Our expertise spans across the organization with roles ranging from legal, technology, manufacturing, sales, marketing, and finance. Let’s meet a few of our teammates below.

Meet Elizabeth, Technical Integration Manager - Security Platforms

"In the age of data, I dream of a world where we design technology to support thriving communities, and that technology is safe and inclusive. I work hard to help influencers, scholars, and civic leaders understand how to design transparent technology policies using creativity and storytelling. I love to flush out creative ideas with teammates to bring new Cyber and Artificial Intelligence solutions to Thomson Reuters. And independently, my ebook, Little A.I. & Peety, helps children, parents, and caregivers learn about safe technology and spark interest in a new generation of techies." 

Meet Eric, Lead Financial Analyst & Co-Chair of Pride at Work

"I am a happily married gay man with roots from rural Iowa. For me, Pride is more than just parades, parties and the rainbow. It reminds us of LGBTQIA+ history, and Pride month allows us to be openly visible where our diversity may not be otherwise seen.

At work, I am the co-chair of our Pride at Work business resource group and recently led a virtual volunteer effort with our members. We joined together to write cards of encouragement for youth experiencing homelessness."

Meet Betsy, Sr. Program Manager

"I value serving as a connector and am focused on working with others to create innovative and inclusive opportunities in our community. My fascination with introducing new approaches to traditional thoughts helps me ideate, and my entrepreneurial spirit brings non-traditional partners together. At Thomson Reuters, I can create inclusive opportunities as a member of our Veterans Employee Network (VEN). There is a strength of character evidenced by both the military members and their families due to the nature of deployments. Veterans love and respect our country and their families, so when merging those passions together, they willingly sacrifice themselves and time with their families. I appreciate learning from that strength and sacrifice. It is an honor to be a member of VEN and, with their help, creating memorable experiences for our members, their families, and our community at the various veteran's events supported by Thomson Reuters." 

Meet Pat, Director of Sales and Client Management, and father of three 

"I'm a parent first and a Director of Sales second. As the father of two sons and a fiery eight-year-old daughter, I raise them to value equality because I want my daughter to have just as many opportunities as my sons. I feel the same about equality at work. At Thomson Reuters, we value a person based on their contributions. I'm proud of our culture, and that's how I raise my kids - to be inclusive. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion is one of the reasons why this is the type of organization I want my daughter to work at when she grows up." 

Read more about Pat’s experience in this blog post here

Meet Kate, a Software Engineer 

“I was excited about engineering, but I was intimidated. We look to others who look like us, and if there aren't women in tech leadership roles, young girls have no one to aspire to be.

Working at Thomson Reuters, we're committed to not only hiring women, but getting women into leadership. I want to move into a leadership role one day to represent and alleviate the feeling of not belonging or not being enough; the impostor syndrome women in tech often feel. I want to share my story to let women - especially young girls - know they belong in STEM.” Read about Kate’s story here.

Interested in joining our team? Check out our open roles in Minneapolis.

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