The future of #WorkingAtTR is flexible

What return to office looks like for Thomson Reuters

Prior to the global pandemic #WorkingAtTR was supported by a culture of flexibility which allowed our employees to balance their personal and professional lives. Leading out of the pandemic, our flexible work philosophy remains central to our hybrid workplace of the future.

We understand that certain types of work lend themselves to working from home and that other types of work are better suited to the office. So, we have decided to adopt an approach that incorporates the best of both – a permanent hybrid model for roles that are office-based and a flexible work design to support our diverse workforce with differing needs and preferences.

As an employer, we are inclusive and supportive of diverse work styles, and are committed to balancing business needs, fostering career development, and maintaining a vibrant culture.

Recognizing the need for flexibility, our return to office plan includes:

  • Employee health and safety as our number one priority. Our employee's physical safety and their mental health and wellbeing remain central pillars to our employee experience.
  • A safe, phased, approach driven by local conditions and guidelines. Where it is not safe to return to the office, colleagues will continue to work from home.
  • A hybrid working model committed to mindful business practices. Based on our employee feedback, we intend to continue to lead with expanded tools, training, and coaching to support greater flexibility and seamless work – whether from your home or the office.

This is not a return to the status quo; it is a new way forward where employees are empowered to shape their own working experience and prioritize their wellbeing.

Join our employees across the globe as they return to the office by following the Thomson Reuters Careers Instagram and Twitter, and by checking out #WorkingAtTR across all social media channels!  

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