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8 employee networks that foster an inclusive environment

As an organization that values diversity, Thomson Reuters aims to foster an inclusive environment in which all employees are valued, respected, and encouraged to contribute to their fullest potential. In line with this goal, Thomson Reuters has established a formal process for employees to develop Business Resource Groups (BRGs). BRGs are voluntary, employee-driven associations that benefit both our employees and the company’s business goals. Today, we have 8 BRG’s with over 90 chapters globally.

Asian Affinity Network

The Global Asian Affinity Network supports and highlights the rich diversity of the Asian community across Thomson Reuters.

Black Employee Network

The Black Employee Network’s (BEN) mission is to foster the inclusion and advancement of employees that identify as Black or of African descent at Thomson Reuters.

Disability Employee Network

The Disability Employee Network is dedicated to the inclusion and equality of Thomson Reuters employees with disabilities. Partnering with Human Resources, the group aims to promote the recruitment and retention of employees with disabilities, inclusive of those with long-term health conditions, carers, or those otherwise affected by disability.

Early Careers Network

The Early Careers Network strives to develop and equip early career professionals with the skills to take control of their career development, reach their potential, and become the leaders of tomorrow.

Latino Employee Network

The Latino Employee Network was created to foster cultural, as well as professional growth within Thomson Reuters, both in the Latino and general community. The group is dedicated to increasing representation of Latinos within Thomson Reuters, raising an understanding of our diverse cultures and eliminating stereotypes through education.

Pride at Work

Pride at Work aims to create a safe and inclusive workplace, remaining aligned with Thomson Reuters business objectives, those of our customers and external partners and the wider community of LGBTQ+ individuals as well as our friends and allies. We're proud to be recognized by the Human Rights Campaign as one of the best places to work for LGBTQ people.

Veterans Network

The Thomson Reuters Veterans Network exists to bring awareness to veterans in the workplace, to show appreciation to those who have served or are currently serving, and as a support group for employees who are active Guard and Reserve members, as well as those recently transitioning from active duty, to help with transition from military deployments.


The Women@ThomsonReuters Network strives to develop the talents and champion the contributions of female employees, thus promoting women as equal partners in the success, achievement, and profitability of Thomson Reuters.

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