Our purpose

Uncovering Our Purpose 

Steve Hasker, President and CEO 

A version of this memo was shared with all Thomson Reuters employees on January 27, 2022.

When I joined Thomson Reuters on the eve of the pandemic, I was inspired by the expertise and commitment of the people I met. Everywhere, you showed remarkable knowledge in your fields, deep passion for your customers and communities, and a dedication to strengthening society.

Similarly, I was struck by a unique privilege we all have: to serve people whose work genuinely matters. This is especially true against the background of continued uncertainty, erosion of trust, and seismic shifts in how we all live and work. When our customers succeed, justice and taxation systems, global commerce, and news and information ecosystems thrive. They are the bedrock of functioning societies.

As a content-driven technology company powering the world’s most informed professionals, Thomson Reuters’ role in this equation is significant. By unveiling our company Purpose today – to Inform the Way Forward – we acknowledge this role while uniting our commercial and societal responsibilities: to Increase Knowledge, to Act with Courage, and Integrity, and to Pursue Justice, Truth and Transparency.

Vitally, our Purpose has been shaped in close partnership with our customers, and we’ll continue to explore it together. Our Purpose launch today kicks off a year of discovery – about what motivates and inspires us, and what our customers most need us to address and act on for their businesses to win and for the long-term health of the communities we serve.

To start your thinking, I encourage you to hear from some of our colleagues talking about what our Purpose means to them by visiting Purpose on tr.com. You can read perspectives from experts from across TR, and consider how you can help inform the way forward.

If we do this together, I believe that we can work towards a more understanding, trusting world for all.