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Labor Trafficking and Supply Chains Toolkit

Policy resources for cities and governments to mitigate the potential for labor trafficking by procuring labor conscientiously. 

Mayor Turner signed an Executive Order to mitigate the potential for labor trafficking in the city's supply chain after Hurricane Harvey. The bulk of the city’s $6.2 BN budget procures labor for up to 300 capital projects underway simultaneously. The importance of this measure was highlighted after the city sustained millions in damage after Hurricane Harvey. Natural disasters often prompt a movement of foreign workers that arrive to rebuild. This measure ensures a conscientiousness in our contracts through the addition of a model contract clause, pushes the envelope with our diverse suppliers, and protects laborers. It includes a request for waiver in case a vendor is not able to certify and there is an emergency. As of the publication of this toolkit, no waivers have been granted and the city has incorporated this Executive Order into contracts with thousands of vendors and leveraged billions of public dollars for the common good.

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Human trafficking toolkits

These toolkits contain resources, tools, and information for cities and organizations to address human trafficking from a whole of government response.