Alexandra DeFelice

Alexandra DeFelice

Director of Marketing and Business Development / Payne & Fears

Alexandra DeFelice joined Payne & Fears as the Director of Marketing and Business Development in 2019.

In this role, Alexandra sets the firm’s business development and marketing plan. She works closely with attorneys to develop and execute strategies that enhance existing client relationships and attract new business to the firm. She interacts with clients and local organizations to better understand what issues are surfacing in their respective businesses beyond just their legal issues and leverages this information to educate the attorneys on how to better serve them.

Alexandra has more than 20 years of diverse business development, coaching, and communications experience. Prior to joining Payne & Fears, Alexandra worked for a large regional firm in Portland, Oregon, where she served as a business development manager for two of the firm’s six core industry groups, driving strategy, writing business plans, and contributing to year-over-year revenue growth. She previously served as senior manager for the North American headquarters of an international group of accounting firms and worked as a journalist for the first decade of her career.

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